Questions/Help with combo's from Throws



I have looked and haven’t found a good list of information regarding throw combo’s from midscreen. Is there a general rule that you follow to start these? From a forward airthrow, do you dash before seismo? What about back airthrows? Sometimes I am noticing that they are simply too far after my box dash to continue with combo.

I am noticing that the timing seems to be more strict on ground throws. Any suggestions on what to do here from midscreen?

Appreciate the help!


After throws, just do a light Seismo and IAD, a.H and a.S to continue the combo. For midscreen, you either have an assist that helps you extend your combos easily (like an OTG assist), or you could go for something more technical with the FADC stuff. You could also do EX Seismo extensions.

For ground throws, the timing is indeed strict. Sometimes you might have to buffer the DP motion then do a seismo.

For air throws, you should have time to ground dash before executing a seismo.


I’m running viper/vergil/strider.

I gather you are saying that I could do light seismo, IAD, a.H,a.S, s.M, s.H, (((Ex Seismo, IAD, a.H, a.S, s,M, s.H))) air combo, super? With the option of leaving out the (((…)))?

I know i can Seismo, Vergil(rapid slash), burning kick, super in the corner. Thats about as much as I can get off throws right? I don’t know the staircase burning kicks yet. I don’t know what you are talking to with the FADC stuff. Where can i get info on that?


After any throw, you could do L. Seismo, IAD, a.H, a. S, H, S xx sj. M, double jump, M, H, S. If the guy lands in the corner, then you can extend your combo with Vergil as you would do in the corner. If you’re still midscreen however you could do an EX Seismo relaunch (like how MarlinPie does it) to combo the guy into the corner for super, resets, anything. That’s just what I do; Viper’s combos are quite versatile so you could probably work out something that’s more optimal for yourself.

I’m not sure if Vergil can be used to push the guy into the corner after a midscreen throw. I’ll try it later; I play Viper, Vergil, Doom on pad.

For FADC, you can see more here:


Credits to gotnoskills for that.