Questions: japanese button pressing style


If they double tap everything, how are they gonna use that negative edge thing??
tell me exactly how they do it…

how about “DOUBLE TAPPING” roll or cc activation or counter attack…etc?
tap lp+lk twice?

do they double tap during CC?
I think not, but I never saw the fingers in the videos of japanese player…


I double tap coming out of the CC “ching” so you can attack as soon as you can. They don’t negative edge rolls, because there’s really no need to. Most top players don’t roll much anyway, it’s not safe 95%of the time.


Sorry, what I meant was do they double tap the roll… lp+lk twice…


Check out this thread:


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Hmm…try copying the link into your browser’s location bar. If that doesn’t work, do a search for “Japanese style button pressing?”


ok found it
but that doesn’t really answer how to do negative edge with the style tho?

say if you are doing sak’s bnb dp.hp
you need that hold to have dp.hp will come out right…


I don’t quite understand what you’re asking but maybe this will help…

As you seem to know, the reason for holding down the s. lk before completing the dp motion and pressing hp is to avoid negative edge causing Sak’s hop special to come out. The hold, while a good idea in my opinion, is not neccessary – if you’re timing is tight the dp will still come out without it.

Heres how I do it with double taps (press the button first with the middle finger and then with the index finger):

Double tap c. lk twice, double tap s. lk once and leave your index finger holding the button down, then press hp with your ring finger while still holding lk.


My timing is bad!! very!! even sometime hop special comes out when I “try” to hold lk

Doing it this way, you won’t be able to double tap hp??


True – it’s a trade off. For me anyway, though, it’s more important to eliminate negative edge.