Questions on a dual mod project

i have a xbox360 TE-S… i also have a PCB six axis ps3… i know i need a axis adapter… could i make this a dual mod? i would also like to add a neutrik usb head to charge the pcb… input would be appreciated…

You cannot with the listed.
SIXAXIS is not Common Ground.
The AXISdapter does not make it Common Ground.

You need to make it Common Ground.
The Leo Board from Gummowned makes that possible.

as JDM said, you would need to go with the Leo board.
At that point, you need to question if its worth going through the effort of using the sixaxis, means you’re already using a wired 360 pcb.
The Leo board runs you $25, a ChIMP would cost you $30 un-assembled. and you wouldn’t have to worry about running a second usb cable.
If you want to run a USB mount, you’re either going to need to use one of the existing 24mm holes (and relocate start or select), or you’re going to need to drill a new 24mm hole. If you’re just doing ps3/360, I don’t know that its worth the effort.

thanx guys for ur opinion… i dont think its a good investment then…

yeah the better investment would be to use a ChImp

kool stuff… thanks for the inputs…