Questions on Bang The Machine and ID's

I’m entering this year, so I know that I’ll be allowed to watch Bang The Machine but my girlfriend is coming along with me to Evo (as a spectator) and became interested after hearing about it. So my question is, can people who aren’t registered (haven’t paid the venue fee) watch as well?

EDIT: Also I had a question about Identification. I registered as living in Washington state but only recently moved here from Kentucky and have yet to switch from a Kentucky ID to a Washington one, will this be a problem?

Bang the machine is free to watch for everyone. There will be NO CAMERAS OR CELL PHONES allowed in the hall during the screening, you must leave all cameras and phones in your hotel room, we will not be holding them for you. You will not be admitted if you are in possession of one of these items.

Thanks, so what about identification then? Will the fact that my ID reflects my old address be an issue?

No as long as the picture on the ID looks like you, and yourname is the one registered, it shouldnt be a problem at all.