Questions on Building Arcade Stick


So i bought a HRAP3 a little while ago but i cant stand the size and wrist space. I am thinking about building my own. But i need some help since i never did it before.
Everything is from besides the case which is from

PCB- Assembled Cthulhu
Stick- JLF-TP-8YT-SK (Includes a mounting plate, wiring harness, shaft cover, and two dust covers)
Case- QCF Sanwa Plexi 6 button Viewlix (Bolts and nuts ready for a joystick)
Buttons- 6 OBSN-30, 3 PS-14-DN, Neurik N-USB
41x .110 Quick Disconnect
16 Cond. Ribbon Cable 2ft

Here are my questions.

  1. I know each wire has two disconnects to connect to the buttons so does that mean the other two ends have to have 2 quick disconnects as well? Do i have to put qd on the 5 wires in the joystick harness too? So i think i need 41 disconnects in all right?
  2. So the two disconnects on the free end just “plug” into the PCB? No soldering?
  3. Does the joystick need washers, does it come with it? The case comes with the nuts and bolts already…
  4. How does the Neurik USB thing stay in place in the 24 mm hole?
  5. how do i mount the cthulu board, does it come with 4 screws or something? If not what size screws?
  6. Finally am i missing anything (not including usb wires, ties) in this setup or something is wrong?

Thanks for all your help


You only Quick Disconnects where they go into switches. Technically, you don’t NEED any.

I am not sure what you mean by the “free end”… I am assuming you mean the wires that go into the board… You just screw those in… or you can solder them if you are afraid of them coming out…

Never used those Boxes, but i would assume that it would come with everything you need. … “(Bolts and nuts ready for a joystick)”

Should work fine, but you should probably use the mounting plate as well.

You can buy mounting kits from lizard Lick

To be honest, i think you are over thinking everything. It sounds like you are doing this for the 1st time. If that is the case, you are not going to get it done all in one day. Take it 1 step at a time.
Mount the stick and the buttons. Wire the board. Wire up the usb. DONE

Take it slow.


You mean i do need quick disconnects for the switches on the buttons but not for the ends that go into the board right? For the ends that go into the board, i just have to expose the metal tip of the wire and stuff it in the board?

What does the mounting kit for the board include, is there one on
The joystick on gamingnow includes everything but the ball top right, i wouldn’t need anything else to mount it?

THis is my first time so i want to buy everything i need in one shot, i dont want to be missing something important in the process. Thanks!


As long as the wires get connected, it does NOT matter… But i would recommend Quick’s on the switch side…

Sounds like a question you should be asking them

GOOD LUCK! :slight_smile: Post some pictures when you are done.


You really need to read all of before buying anything.


Or just buy a MadCatz SE Easy to mod any noob can understand it.


Okay, i read slagcoin and i want to confirm this.
I have 9 buttons in total so I only need 18 quick disconnects?
Each button has two wires, 1 goes into the specific place for the button on the board. And the other one goes into “ground”. They can go into any “ground” hole on the chthulu board.
The joystick harness has 5 wires, 4 of them go into their respective directions and the 5th one goes into “ground”. What color goes into the ground?


Yes, eighteen.
Yes, two wires each.
Yes, specific for Signal.
Yes, any for the Ground.

Yes, five wire on Harness.
Yes, four goes specific for Signal.
Yes, one goes any for the Ground.

Color depends.
Sanwa has black wire for Ground.
Seimitsu has orange wire for Ground.


You should always buy 10 more quick discconnects than you need. JIC you screw up.

Your are correct on ground. Usually people will daisy chain the grounds by sticking two wires into each quick disconnect in a chain.

JLF ground is the black wire.


thanks for the pictures, im not going to try daisy chaining, i mean i can fit 9 wires if i spread them out over the 4 ground holes right?
I have some more questions, the wires that go into into the ps3 chthulu board dont need to be soldered?
What tools can i use to cut and strip the wires since i dont have a wire cutter/stripper? I was thinking about a scissor for cutting and maybe a knife for stripping…


Scissors and utility knife works fine for the intented.

And as far as I know, the cthulhu board has terminals for the wires. You can of course solder them on too.


That picture of the JLF PCB orientation is really going to help me, I’m glad I checked this thread.


The cthulhu has 4 scew ground connections so you are going to have to daisy chain somewhere. You basically strip off maybe a 2cm of insulation off the ends of two wires, twist them together and stick them into a quick disconnect. It isn’t hard. Be sure to use 26 gauge stranded wire for daisy chaining, usually black wire is what people color code ground with.

It is going to be harder, sloppy and more failure prone to try to stick 9 ground wires into 3 ground screw terminals.

I suggest using one of these for stripping and cutting wire and crimping quick disconnects. Automatic stripper will mean less sore hands.


I installed my entire home theater system with a manual stripper that cost 6 dollars and I can’t say I ended up with any sore hands.

Just sayin


okay, so there are 8 wires running through this daisy chain right? And the middle buttons actually have 3 wires connected to a single disconnect?
And then the end of the chain goes into one of the ground along with the wire from the joystick. So two wires into one ground.

this is the wire i am using for everything, it will work right?


There would only be 6

You really have no idea what you’re doing.

You should take a break and start watching some youtube videos or something before you go any further. You don’t want to accidently ruin anything.


You are looking at it wrong. What is actually going on in that is that the ground wire (marked as red) goes only to one disconnect per button.

See the blue points. The ground wire only goes thru for the sake of simplicity in the drawing.


Yea, thanks i just realized it after staring at the picture adfter a while


I wanted to butt in on buying a wire stripper: do it.

  1. They are really cheap and you can get them at any hardware store np.
  2. They are 10x (or more honestly) faster than knife/scissors. I mean, you could strip the wires with your teeth or a sharp table counter or maybe your car door or try to get your dog to chew on them and hope for the best, but nobody recommends any of those.


That wire should work. Not sure if 2 feet is enough if you want to use black wire for the grounds. Maybe 4 feet should do it.
I actually took these photos of daisy chaining because I have a stick I’m wiring up. I hope the pictures will show you what to do without me explaining.
Yeah with the manual stripper I had it had difficulty stripping smaller 26 gauge wire cleanly, I hand to squeeze hard. But everything all depends.

I have long wires coming off both ends because I have 11 buttons to wire, but haven’t decided where to place them yet.