Questions on building my arcade sticks

I’m looking at parts to build two separate arcade controllers (each with a tear drop stick and 8 buttons for in game and 1 each for coin and start, all Sanwa parts).

My questions are:

What is the best way to go about connecting 2 complete controllers to 1 PC or game system (xbox and PS2 and eventually xbox360)?

I know that the i-pac to console controller connectors are PS/2 only, but is there a way to connect a USB i-pac to a console?

Can I use the pass through to connect both controllers to the same PC/console?

That’s what I posted over at the byoac forums and they did nothing but suggest me to get an X-arcade pre-built stick. Maybe you guys can give me a better answer.

BTW, this is mainly for SF3 use, but some guilty gear will be in there too.

I’ll let someone smarter give you the real answers to your questions, but I figured I’d hop in and tell you to not get an X-Arcade.

The dudes at BYOAC seem like super nice guys and all, but they’re general arcade game enthusiasts, and not hardcore fighting game players. There are a lot of things about the X-Arcade that don’t measure up to what we expect from our controllers, performance-wise. I won’t bother going into details but everything from bad circuit boards to second-rate imitation knock-off clone parts will be all up in your face if you buy an X-Arcade for fighting games.

And those are all reasons that I DON’T want an X-Arcade stick.

also, what size do you suggest the box for the controller be?

You have a few choices if you want your sticks to have more than 1 console support

the first is project boxes, quite expensive imo and it’s annoying to have em lil boxes.
If your building a control panel type (2 sticks on one board) you can take a look at this site

the second is running two pcbs in one stick. This thread for more info

a third method is to grab a UPCB

Based on your situation i would suggest on grabbing 2 UPCBs. also ppl have said that the IPAC to console converters have lag on them. There is no solution for usb to anything(and i highly doubt they’ll ever be soon)

Whoop, please excuse my poor reading/comprehension! :lol:

Ha, no problem. I’ll probably be going the UPCB route. This sounds like a fun DIY. It’ll cost more and be more work than I originally planned.