Questions on Chun vs. Alex

Okay, I like to think of myself as a pretty competent player, and I know that Chun vs. Alex is supposed to be some grievously unfair matchup in favor of Chun, but Alex is my absolute worst character to play against, with all characters, for various reasons.

A few questions I have are uh…

  1. How should you respond/punish regular or EX stomp when it’s blocked? It’s difficult to parry this online, so I opt to block, but I don’t really know what I should do afterward.

  2. What are good meaty options vs. Alex when he’s grounded? Usually if I go for a tick, I eat a wakeup stomp.

  3. What is a good range to be at against Alex? If you’re too far away, he has EX Rush that can cover a lot of distance and punish if you’re throwing out normals for meter, and I get hit by that a lot when I’m dancing around trying to bait him to attack.

  4. For that matter, is it better to just rush the shit out of him, or try and wait/bait him out? I’d assume the former is better, since baiting can lead to knockdown, which leads to his mixup games.

  5. Good wakeup options vs. Alex? It seems everytime I go for EX legs, I eat an LP/LK which gets ticked into powerbomb, or even comboing into SA2. EX SBK I try to limit, since it can get punished if blocked.

  6. Dealing with Stungun – s.LP after he activates, or is there a slower, but more effective poke that will send him down? I know sometimes jump-straight-up LP works, but sometimes you can get caught in blockstun from say, a rush, which means he grabs you before your feet leave the ground.

I dunno, I know this is supposed to be easy for Chun, but I just don’t seem to get it with anyone I play. I’ve seriously considered trying to learn him so I can figure out the way he works and how to shut him down, but I dunno.

hepl pzl?

I’m not really a Chun or Alex player, so I could be wrong on some of this, but maybe it’ll help. Anyway, the main reason Chun is such a bitch for Alex is that Chun is a turtling, poking bitch. Alex can’t really do much in the way of low hits, xx SA2 is one of his few setups for decent damage off a low hit, and even then it’s not confirmable. Also, Chun’s pokes >>> Alex’s, therefore making it even harder to get in.

I’m not sure of the recovery on ex/regular headstomp, but with meter, go for the xx SA2, or even b+fp if it’s fast enough to catch them. Otherwise maybe just throw, or a plain 'ol b+fp.

Chun’s fierce punches pretty much beat all of Alex’s… everything on the ground, IIRC. Maybe it would trade with a, but that’s too slow to not notice. :lol: Learn to bait the wakeup stomps if they’re abusing them, and punish accordingly. Whiff some punches of something but block on wake-up anyway, see if he keeps doing it, and if he does… well, keep punishing.

I’d say a good range is her s.fp, or range. for obvious reasons, to hit confirm to SA2, s.fp just because it’s a great poke.

It really depends on how the other Alex is playing. Obviously if they’re playing too defensive, rush that shit down with lots of tick throws or something, possibly baiting the headstomps as previously mentioned, if you’re playing that Alex or whatever. Otherwise I’d say go for footsies/poking. If you can’t parry his dash elbow (ex or not) from full screen, then try working on that, not sure about online, but it’s pretty simple to parry, it’ll teach them not to use it randomly from full screen.

Your EX Legs should be beating any kind of light punch or kick from Alex. o_O Maybe try EX Bird Kick?

I wonder if you could OVER him while he stunguns, hit him, then to SA2. o_o

Its too far to throw. A kara throw might reach (I dont play many Alex players so Im not positive).

A word of advice concerning Lightning Legs: If you’re playing in the US, most arcades have the cabs where you’re standing right next to your opponant. If you’re mashing the kick buttons your opponant will know whats up and act accordingly, especially in a wakeup situation. Its unfair, but thats just the way it is.

Maybe Ill post more tomorrow. For now, go read the Alex vs Chun thread in the Alex section:badboy: Try to ignore all the idiots flaming eachother:lol: and youll find some reasons that Chun dominates this matchup.

Alex vs Chun…basically…if Alex cant get close to you, he cant do anything. He has a hell of a time getting in on you, thats why this match is so hard for him. Dont go to him, this gives him a fighting chance. Back Fierce beats any jump in (I think any, again, I dont play many Alexes). Super art any blocked elbow charge if you have the meter, otherwise just do back fierce kioken or whatever you feel like.

You can only punish this with reversal super.

Just b+hp or close, close, wait, throw is good too.

His ex rush can only be punished by reversal super too. I tend to keep using normals and not cancelling into super everytime. When you do this you limit his good options ex specials and hes forced to play with normals where Chun owns him.

As I stated, I like to play the baiting game.

Chun doesnt have any good wakeups, just try and get the hell outta there, wakeup close is sometimes good sj away after

after a rush: s.lp, everything else just jump up hk.

damn, i find this thread very insulting considering i’m an alex player, a chun asking advice about how to fight alex? lol

seriously you shouldn’t have any problems, your pokes are so much better than alex’s, his only chance to get close are stomping and jumping, and jumping is not that reliable. and alex players won’t do ex elbow against most characters with meter (super reversal). my advice would be:

  • don’t jump too often, you have a solid ground/poke game
  • don’t use far hp too often, do it only to punish stuff, i swear is parry bait, i actually only win against chuns that use far hp more than 2 times a round.
  • back+fp, low mk and standing hk are your best friends.
  • use your karathrow
  • get the hell out of the corner

Alex cannot beat your b+hp. The only three things he can do to deal with it are parry, block, or psychic stomp.

Edit: Of course, he can super through it too, but he probably won’t.

As for EX Spinning Bird Kick, don’t bother; Alex’s s.hp will beat it pretty much every time (unless you really mix up the timing). EX lightning legs will beat that though.

Never try to wake-up parry or wake-up super against Alex (or anyone, really); he’ll grab you.

On Alex’s wake-up, a well-timed close hk or a meaty b+hp will beat his wake-up stomp. If you’re too late for that, jump straight up and use hk to knock him down.

Jab him out of everything. EVERYTHING :clap:

b+strong --> lightning kicks is a good anti air against alex.

Jab and back FP. The back FP pretty much screws his entire ground game over.
See Raoh VS KSK at Evo 2k3, where Raoh wins an entire round by basically mashing back FP, and occasionally jump attacking. He even does the yawn taunt at the end.

Elbow? Stuffed by back FP.
Throw attempt? Stuffed by back FP
Poke? Stuffed by back FP