Questions on Combofiend


Because I no longer posess a copy of Marvel, I’m back to asking for help.
Didn’t post this in char-specific cause i’m asking about the team as a whole.

1.) What is everyone’s role in the team?

2.) Does IM’s assists really help Sent (or Mag) during a rushdown?

3.) Can other chars be substituted for Mag or Sent?

4.) Which order is best? (seriously, I’ve seen it played in all possible orders)

5.) Does switching sent’s assist affect Mag’s and IM’s gameplay a lot?

6.) What basic strategy is this team, Rush, turtle or Semi?

7.) Team’s weaknesses?

8.) Do’s and dont’s

9.) DHC combos

10.) Where would this team be ranked in comparison to other named teams?

  1. They’re all there to deal damage. Each character is very independent and don’t need to play roles.

  2. yes, it helps because it locks you down so well, and if it his, there’s a lot of damage done, and a lot of damage potential after it.

  3. no

  4. depends on who you’re fighting. don’t put mag out first, for example, if you’re fighitng thrax.

  5. yes it does. you go from an really damaging infinite setup, to a ground assist which covers everything and lets the character do everything on their own. if you don’t feel comfortable with solo setups, then do the rocket punch.

  6. semi… you need to do this with all teams, but you can hide behind repulsor blast or drones, and you can rush with them as well.

  7. nothing to chase somebody with, except sentinel by himself… runaway storm hurts this team up badly

  8. You’re going to have to figure out your style with this very versatile team before you can answer that.

  9. This is why I like IM second. You can get magneto out of there with a tempest xx proton cannon. There’s a few. Know the properties of each and figure stuff out. I don’t feel it’s necessary to go over each scenario.

  10. Personally, I tier teams like this…

  • Thrax / Matrix
  • SSCable
  • MSS
  • Scrub
  • Combofiend
  • Duc
  • MSP
  • Clockwork


1.) What is everyone’s role in the team?

Sentinel is so good and has the best DHC. He can use IM assist for turtling, and mag assist for rush down. Sentinel has your main game plan so you need to adjust your gameplay by understanding your matchups

IM is most effective when used as a DHC IN, get the guard break, infinite xx PC xx DHC. He’s the CLEAN up man. He doesnt have gameplan to get that hit, so you gotta give it to him. He’s got the weapons to kill someone after you get it for him.

Magneto is there for full down rushdown on the characters/team you can.

2.) Does IM’s assists really help Sent (or Mag) during a rushdown?

IMs assist is GODLIKE with sentinel. Not necessarily rushdown, but its so versatile. its great for sentinel rush down in the corner, and even greater for sentinel keep away midscreen. Mag uses it nicely in combos for DAMAGE, but with mag on point i’d be using sent assist a little more.

3.) Can other chars be substituted for Mag or Sent?

storm of course, she can replace anybody in a team that doesnt have her. Storm/sent/im is a real good team. MSS is another great team.

4.) Which order is best? (seriously, I’ve seen it played in all possible orders)

IM in the middle, and put first whoever is best against the other team. Although, i honestly believe Sent/IM/Mag is the best overall.

5.) Does switching sent’s assist affect Mag’s and IM’s gameplay a lot?

It changes mag gameplay a lot, but he can effectively use both assists. its more of a question with IM. RP is good but usually needs to be combo’d to be effective with IM. So Drones serves a better purpose for the team.

6.) What basic strategy is this team, Rush, turtle or Semi?

Sent on point, runaway spamming IM assist, frying pans, and mouthbeams. As soon as they jump give them the frying pan. Blocked or not, you should have enough time to back dash and call IM again. Sent is so damn hard to touch with IM assist. If they get hit with IM assist, just HSF

7.) Team’s weaknesses?

Runaway storm only gives you a problem if you have less health. So always try and get rid of that problem by getting first hit and just runaway with sent. I think another weakness is the lack of an instant and more distinct anti-air. It makes people think twice about rushing down but not as solid as say cyke or capcom.

8.) Do’s and dont’s

-Have IM 2nd so you can DHC to him for the kill. THat way you’re guaranteed the easiest guard break, to the easiest infinite, to another DHC if needed.
-Realize you can DHC to IM with sent with a launch, lk,, hp xx HD xx PC
-Control space with IM or SENT, and then rush down with magneto

-Ever proton cannon when the opponent and his assist is on screen at the same time UNLESS they are directly covering each other. Proton Cannon only hits one character unless they are overlapping almost perfectly.
-Don’t lose sentinel, he gives both characters so much and takes advantage of both characters more than the other and is definitely more versatile against the other gods.

9.) DHC combos

PC xx HSF is the combo of doom
anything xx PC for a kill is your best bet.
you can fast fly combos in the air, just do HD instead of a RP

10.) Where would this team be ranked in comparison to other named teams

i have no idea


Don’t forget the DHC from Mag to IM; it’s even better than the Mag to Storm DHC in a lot of ways.


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Good post.


1.) What is everyone’s role in the team?

Mag, he’s the battery. Runs around and gives you meter for the instant DHC on top of being able to land infinites and what have you.
IM, he’s the killer on the team. DHC’s and guardbreaks. He’s a fear inducing character, cause we all know, one touch kills right?
Sent, he’s the backbone/wall of the team. This guy can kill anything if he touches you, not to mention play off the DHC’s.

2.) Does IM’s assists really help Sent (or Mag) during a rushdown?

IM’s assist I feel is only good for letting the opponent run into it. Outside of the corner with sent, it’s pretty slow and doesn’t do much in terms of mixing them up but it does add huge damage in combos. What this assist does help do is disable the other assists if you counter call it for at least a second or two, so at least that provides you rush options with Magneto. Also if you counter call with sent on point, just do a quick rp and that’s a free 35% or more on an assist instantly. Sometimes it’s more than about killing the char on point.

3.) Can other chars be substituted for Mag or Sent?

For the way this team is played, I’d say no. Storm can be put in, but she changes the dynamics. She makes the team easier to play than with Magneto, but her assists aren’t as good. This team is based off of the instant one hit kill principle which can’t really be reproduced outside of mag into IM DHC.

4.) Which order is best? (seriously, I’ve seen it played in all possible orders)

There’s only two orders that make sense. These orders depend on the person playing it though. If you’re defense minded, then go sent, mag, IM. If you’re offense minded, go Mag, IM, Sent. Also, the team you’re fighting against should alter your order unless you’re confident. If it’s a runaway team(scrub, matrix), you should start mag, runaway for few meters yourself and look for ANY MOVE with lag and go for the instant DHC into kill. If it’s an offense team (MSS, MSP, ROW), you’ll want to start sent, just because more than likely not, they’ll run into IM and kill themselves.

5.) Does switching sent’s assist affect Mag’s and IM’s gameplay a lot?

I always felt that this team was really strategic. That being said, if you use RP assist, this team becomes mashy and you can do whatever you want. The con to that is that you now have no way to stop someone from running away or a safe way to open the opponent up. RP assist with IM is kinda meh IMO also. You basically just pray the opponent runs into it for the infinite.
With drones assist, this team gains a lot more versatility. The combination of your point (IM or Mag) trijumping all over the guy with drones coming in safely behind you or before you or whatever can easily disorient players and allow you to land infinites. The drones can also randomly cover you as an antiair if players get too close when they come from above you. This can result in easy infinites, etc.

6.) What basic strategy is this team, Rush, turtle or Semi?

Depends on what you feel comfortable with. This team can be played to fit you. I personally play defensive. Let my assists hit them and then go for the kill. But if you go offensive, all the tools are there to do so, unfortunately this team requires you to pick your moments of offense, so it doesn’t cater to randomness really.

7.) Team’s weaknesses?

Runaway Sent/Commando or cyc. Most people would think it’s storm or cable, but it’s not. It’s only when either one of those is backed by sent/commando or cyc that they become hard to kill.

8.) Do’s and dont’s

Get meter so you can DHC on reaction.
Learn how to actually use IM so people will regret snapping him in.
Be able to react to IM assists hitting the opponents with infinites and combos.
Learn to do the most damaging combos for any situation.
Learn each character individually.
Learn the intricacies of the IM assist. He can go through a lot of stuff (AHVB, Hail, HSF) if you learn when to call him.
Kill asssits if they’re not protected by calling IM and landing a few hits.

Taint the team by using mashy RP assist. (j/k, do what you want.)
Force the offense and run into shit. This team is strategic.
Panic when sent/commando is stomping on you, openings eventually appear.

9.) DHC combos

With Mag, do the ROM infinite for about 38 hits, s.hkxxhypxxxtempest, than DHC into proton. That puts the opponent right into the cannon for 43 hits everytime.
Dash up, low shx2, tempest into proton for the easy kill
With IM and Sent, there’s no real nonstandard DHC combos.

10.) Where would this team be ranked in comparison to other named

In terms from ease to difficulty:
Fiend or Fiend II (Storm in the mix)


I never thought thought Combofiend would answer my ?'s on… uh, Combofiend.

I’m gonna apply all of this 2morrow when I play.


Thread over.


Just because Fiend posted?


i agree with everything fiend said… except having msp up in the tiers that high… which has no relevance to this thread at all, so yeah. Fiend is the man.

100% honest though, i haven’t seen fiend play in a while. the nicest fiends i’ve seen are j360, who uses sent drones, and that cali player, that i can’t think of his name.


combofiend just mashes all day. that guy sucks.





i like rp assist with iron man cause i can wait for them to almost land, dash under and do c.short + sent s.strong into easy infinite.


of course i mean it IS his team.:wonder:


Another thing worth mention is the strengths and weaknesses of your sent with this team. Assuming you dont guard break > kill their team w/ any of your characters. Sent w/ mag PA is very strong midsreen with fast fly/Stomp combos, and sent w/ iron man AAA is very strong in that you dont need unfly to do ridiculous wall combos off a HSF. (HSF dash,s.lp SJC xx <fastfly> + IM AAA , f.FP <unfly>) this sets you up for a re-launch or another HSF, which can be forcibly reset by the unblockable, or randomly reset by a flying throw. After either you have another IM assist at your disposal, basically anyone is dead with one hit from sent on the wall.

Your weakness with sent is that you are forced to play defensively against a really good AAA, such as Cyke or CapCom. Even Cable AAA is a threat in the air, especially vs. another sentinel. Keep in mind that if you start magnus, you can snap, guard break AAA, then your Sent will mow over due to the damage you can cause after removing their prioriy.

Hope this helps.


wow nice post



one DHC worth mentioning, and I like it more than the dhc that clock mentioned, because there’s no hypergrav to mash out of…

rom to 38 hits, + call ironman,, land, dash back xx tempest. try to get the tempest at the last moment, and you’ll maximize both your tempest and your proton canon combo. it’s fairly easy to get a 100 hit combo easy this way.


launch+IMassist, hp, add, MT, rom is nice


The mention is greatly appreciated.

Another thing worth working up if you are gonna seriously play combofiend is all the different ways to get the DHC in. Also always keep in mind that you dont want to DHC > Iron Man at the wrong time, or to early in the match. If you really need to get Mags out, and you haven’t killed their assist, alot of the time you are better off DHC’ing all the way to Sent because he has so many more defensive options.

i.e. Even if you kill storm with PC framekill/DHC, you are gonna have a hell of a time with sent/capcom or sent/cyke with Iron Man stuck on point, no matter how good your IM is. Its pretty hard to get Iron Man out safely in this matchup as well, which only compounds the difficulties of putting yourself in this situation. Yes the damage is nice, but agianst a really good player you can throw away the match in this fashion. Be wary of what you put your zero AAA Iron Man up against.

Anyway, here are some different ways i get into the DHC, aside from the godlike framekill.

*Sj. HP throw DHC during the bounce
(alot of the time if magic series is blocked on the way up, you can AD/ HP throw while they are still blocking) ((If you are high enough both throws work))


*Break flying screen
(Just do the rom setup, instead of dashing down MTxxPC)

*Opponent standing; land any sj.FP or sj.RHxxMTxxPC
(During square jumps, triangle jumps, standing sent inf, or simply when you are zoning/building meter with sj.FP)

(I cannot stress the range and priority of mags s.FP enough, whenever you notice someone abusing square jumps, or if you notice thier assist is already out you can s.FP really safely. If it whiffs xx E.M. disruptor, if it hits DHC)

There are other ways to get into it with magneto, those are just the ones I use the most often. Dont forget when you have Sent on point with Iron Man second, you can framekill the PC with hard drive. Also keep in mind if you hit an unblockable beam to far away to follow up with a rocket punch, you can quickly HSFxxPC to add alot of damage, if its a safe situation to bring Iron Man into.

Hope this helps. Add some more advanced combofiend tactics later.


EM Disruptor has slow recovery right? so most of the time it can be countered.