Questions on establishing good spacing with Guile?

I’m just seeking out a little advice from some good Guile players on how they coped with this version of Guile? I’ve been playing SF/SSFIV for a few months now, and I was wondering why it feels like he gets crowded easily in these games. In ST the speed of his sobat kick nullified opponents easily and it made no sense to jump at him because of his uppercut and lk fk just stopped jumpins like a srk. His lp>lp>lp sonic boom flowed together nicely and stopped him from walking backwards needlessly. His walking speed felt better plus his crouching mk made it hard to get close. On SS4 it just feels like you have to do more just not get rushed down. Im a bit of turtle that gets aggressive when need be, but this version of Guile just feels funny. I’m looking to up my game so your feed back is appreciated!!!

Using far s.hp yet?

I feel you. I feel it’s easy to corner Guile in this game. I’ve been playing Guile since HF. So his being not as good annoys me. Back when vanilla was out I watched a lot of matches with Japanese players who could still be corned. The only one who never really got cornered ever was Yazu and Dagger G from America (and they do get cornered occassionally). I feel it is a little too easy to jump at Guile too.

Overall I found that the following helps. Whiffing moves to get reactions out of players. I noticed the that a lot of players love to jump over your pokes. Make sure you whiff moves and have a charge ready. Remember they’re guessing half the time.

Standing jab is also a good AA.    It beats a lot of the weird jumpins like boxers j.HK.   Sometime when you don't think you have enough time to fk or st.FP this move at least challenges them.

Walk back and forth whiffing moves.   Walking forward baits out people who are wakeup happy.    

jf.HK,jf fp, jb FP are good for people who love to jump on a standing Guile. Remember to space the out with this.

Somtimes when you need space Fadcing your flashkick to create it is good.  In Super Guile builds meter quickly.    

 Backfist zones people well too.  But be careful doing it against jumpers.   It can stop people from jumping if done early enough.  But be mindful of the spacing.

st.fp is good like Slinkun mentioned. It’s a good option for empty jumpers. It pushes them back a few pixels. Neutral jumps are good for dashers as well. Pay attention to their dash animation and recovery.

Now focus attacks really ruin my midrange poking game. I really wish I had some times on that as it really fucks up Guile at a range where his footsies normally excel.

This is also an issue I’ve been having. Sometimes I can zone them and sometimes I don’t, but I didn’t know why exactly.

So, you’re saying that as Guiles we should be just around backfist range and/or greater?

I think it’s an issue with St.fp active frames versus your opponent’s prejump frames. Sometimes it’s stuff the startup of their jump and sometimes it won’t. In either case you only have a few frames to do it before they’re able to jump over it. I also think it’s character specific. Faties startup jumps can be beat more often than smaller characters. You also have to look out of focus attacks, wakep moves and the whole nine. You can be scrubbed out by a lot of shit just throwing out st.FP. It’s also not good at stopping lows and sweeps.

 St.Fp and it's usefulness is pretty spacing dependent.   Still it's a good zoning tool outside of sweep range.   And it recovers quickly so it's good at baiting out a lot of stuff.   But with anything you have to use it with caution.  I still think it zones characters if you know the spacing.    However I find that traditional zoning doesn't work well in Super.   Too many people are willing to throw out big moves during footsies and it gives them free ways in.

I still think st.jab is way underrated though. It’s a good jab and stops a lot of stuff. Standing lk is good for people with surprise lows or slides. I think spacing with Guile is Super relies more on counter poking and stuffing stuff which makes people less inclinded to try to scrub their way through your defense.

I think that it is important to understand that ST has no focus attacks, forward or backdashing, multiple anti-fireball (special) moves, or the inevitable anti-fireball ultra combos down the stretch of a round. SSFIV does, so it is a lot easier for opponents to gain ground. The good news is that there are no holds and throws can be teched at any time without taking any damage. Throws can also be jumped out of, even when ticked into perfectly. This means that Guile is not necessarily at a severe disadvantage if a character like Boxer happens to be in his face whereas in ST Guile would certainly be put into the headbutt loop if he is anywhere near Boxer. Hence, gameplay in SSFIV is a lot more balanced when you consider the fact that some characters do not have complete control over others respective to their position on the screen.

With the basic stuff out of the way, you just have to learn how to zone effectively in this game, and Guile can get the job done because the Sonic Boom is still the safest traditional fireball in the game. It helps to mash st.jabs while holding back sometimes, so you are not constantly walking yourself into the corner. Use backfists if your opponents like to walk and block Sonic Booms. The good thing about the backfist is that it can put you just outside of a focus attack against some characters. So, even if the backfist is focused, you are safe because you are out of range to be hit. Also, familiarize yourself with anti-aerial attacks. Use the air-throw whenever possible because it allows you to throw your opponent to a specific side. It creates an untechable knockdown too.