Questions on getting involved into the community

My names Solidterry im from a small town in texas called midland and i’ve been wanting to get my name out there.Not just for me but for my whole town where me and 7 friends are currently trying to run a arcade business and get more involved with the community, my friends have also encouraged me to make a step out there. The first time i’ve started gaming competitively was TK5DR played online non stop reached dragonlord #123 as dragunov. I’ve played around my community of all games tk6,kof,sf,3s,rs(rival schools),mvc3,mvc2,cvs2,bb,gg acc,mk9,and kof. Its hard to get accepted by a few due to my age of being only 18. Once im done with my last year of highschool i plan to carry on with this. Does anyone have advice on how to stay clear minded without being intimitated. Sorry for the grammer errors, typing from my phone.

Just go.
Leave all fears of failure, rejection, intimidation behind you…and just go.
I know it’s easier said than done…but at some point if you really want to do this, you gotta put that negativity behind you.

You can start by introducing yourself in the Southwest Section in Regional Matchmaking.
Scenes are always looking to grow and get new players.

If an 11 year old can go to EVO and rock shit…you should have no real excuse to at least to support your local FG scene.

A lot of players have fears about showing up offline to their local community. It could be fear of rejection, or nerves, or just being too shy, or being afraid to get laughed at, but once you start showing up, you’ll be glad you did it. Majority of people are very welcoming to newer players, and it’s the best way to get to know other people who enjoy the same hobby as you do, as well as getting to level yourself up while becoming part of a community that can help each other grow. Your age doesn’t matter at all, plenty of younger people show up to these community gatherings, and plenty of older people are there as well. Just introduce yourself, be nice and courteous, and you’ll soon make friends.

Quoting what Honzo Gonzo wrote:

Thank you all for the replies, and you make a very valid point with noah making top 50 at evo. Its time i make a difference and help support my city and state by getting more involved. Im not discouraged at being a pad player either just like fanatiq said anything a stick player can do a pad player can do it also.

Hope you’ll be able to make it out to your local scene asap. And as for controllers, use whatever is comfortable for you, whether it’s a pad or a stick.

don’t be shy. GET IN THERE

I’ve followed the words of fanatiq of how he felt about the whole stick vs pad debate. “Anything a stick player can do, a pad player can be able to do it aswell.”