Questions on getting involved into the community.

My names Solidterry im from a small town in texas called midland and i’ve been wanting to get my name out there.Not just for me but for my whole town where me and 7 friends are currently trying to run a arcade business and get more involved with the community, my friends have also encouraged me to make a step out there. The first time i’ve started gaming competitively was TK5DR played online non stop reached dragonlord #123 as dragunov. I’ve played around my community of all games tk6,kof,sf,3s,rs(rival schools),mvc3,mvc2,cvs2,bb,gg acc,and mk9. Its hard to get accepted by a few due to my age of being only 18. Once im done with my last year of highschool i plan to carry on with this. Does anyone have advice on how to stay clear minded without being intimitaded. Wheres the active scene in texas for me to get involved more in my community? Alot of people have given good valid points with noah being only 11 making it to evo i should have no excuse.

I’m sure more people would be able to provide more insight than I can, but I’ll put in my two cents. You’re already off to a good start, getting involved in a local scene to play and improve. What I would suggest is that you make an attempt to go to as many tournaments as you can. Try to travel around and go to tournaments in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio … basically anything you can manage. It’s difficult to really get your “name out there” considering how saturated the scene is with talent, but you need to take it a step at a time. And the step I would start with is getting yourself to other cities to meet new people and get to know others that share your passion, and take it from there.

Oh, and do whatever you can to go to EVO next year.

Thank you for the insights, ill be sure to go to austin and dallas during christmas break. I really want to get more competitive with kof 13 which will be a good start, but thank you for yoir two cents you’ve put in.

Go to tournaments and find good players online. Experience is key to improving your gameplay along with others. YOur first big tournament you enter is usually the worst. It’s extreemly rare to hop in and do well. Just learn from everything and don’t get discouraged. It’s a long road to the top. Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Killeen all have good scenes to go out and play.