Questions on SE Restrictor Gate vs Sanwa JLF Gate


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i have search high and low in the forum to find some information on this and therefore starting a new thread


  1. Are the 2 Gates different size? throw? engage?
  2. are they interchangeable (madcatz on sanwa stick)

Other than the video ([media=youtube]QytcbzZmXaI[/media]) on putting tape on the actuator, it there any other known (recommended) techniques on smallifying the engage?



The Sanwa gate is thicker and seems to be made of a softer plastic than the Madcatz gate. They are interchangeable however. Don’t think there is a difference in throw distance between the two. I personally don’t know of any other methods on reducing the engage.


ha, searching more, i found a thread on using shrinktubing

gonna try that