Questions on the comic to udon

Hey i’m a new member here, but a long time SF fan. I’m currently collecting the comic series.I love Long Vo’s artwork on the Charlie vs. Bison in #5 and cammy intro appearance #7. I just need to know a few things about the book.

1.Will Gouken’s daughter ever make an appearance or will she be ingnored like the capcom storyline?

2.When the series really is over(might not be for a while)will the back-up stories have it’s own tpb in chronological order?

3.Will Cheapshots be in the same tpb with the backups or have its own too?

If udon or anyone like to give there opinions please do and thank u.

P.S:Keep doin what ur doin on the comic udon and i luv to see what other original projects ur working on.

Hey that would be awesome if they put Gouken’s granddaughter in it.

Yeah i know that would be awesome!:smiley: It would be before the tourney or right after as a next arc.:lol:

Do either of you, or anyone else, know of any book where she’s shown, or described, or even mentioned? Please PM me if you do.

I don’t think the comic would fair well with that…there’s like no info on her, and I can’t really imagine akuma having any other relatives than gouken…

But she is official cannon, and if she is put in the story it can nullify the fan fics and rumors of Chunli & Ryu dating as an old female friend because she knows ryu as much as ken


If you say so…

No the rumors will never end! Ryu and Chun-Li forever! :lol: You can blame Capcom for all these rumors anyway. Why do they have to have so much Artwork with Ryu and Chun-Li together in the first place, when you never or very rarely see artwork of Ryu and Cammy , Ryu and Elena, Ryu and Ibuki, Ryu and Rainbow Mika, etc. But there’s quite a few with Ryu and Sakura though.

By the way, you’re talking about Gouken’s Daughter, not Grand daughter.

Yeah i know. I said that in my first post. I was just going along with everyone since we were all talking about the same person anyway…

I heard about the daughter thing to but I never thought it was cannon. Can anyone verify this? and is there any more info on her? Someone reply…

Mohammed Ali

you can find it here:
or here the quote from SF1

"When Ryu, now the first Street Fighter World Warrior champion, finally got back from the Street Fighter 1 tournament, he wanted to ask Gouken what happened to him. However, he found Gouken killed as well as his daughter missing (Author note: Gouken having a daughter is a fact that Capcom seems to have forgotten about by now and thus will probably never resurface. You can only find out about his daughter in REALLY old Street Fighter official sources). Ken, however, had seen the end of the battle that happened. It was Akuma, Gouken’s brother, that killed Gouken. Sensing Akuma’s chi, Ryu then embarked on a journey to find Akuma (because Ryu still needs to find out what happened to himself when he beat Sagat, and for vengeance). "

That’s really strange but I distinctly remember it being Ryu that saw the end of the battle and hence he was the most pissed about it. Does anyone know where that was quoted from? Interesting…

From here:

Thats not an official quote from Capcom. Is there any reference???

Mohammed Ali

OK for ur second opinion,
u can find it here:

lol. dude thats the same thing as before but a text file version. I think the main problem with that faq is that there is no referencing. When I do an essay for example, for every quote or idea that I took from someone else I have to say who it was, where it was from and on what page or pages. I don’t expect an faq to be that detailed but it would be nice if “can only find out about his daughter in REALLY old Street Fighter official sources” was replaced by “SF2 SNES Manual” or something. Just a rough idea of where its from, not like it should take too long if eveything has been taken from there in the first place. In any case, I still don’t have an official quote or sorce. I would do a Google search but I have to revise for 2nd year uni exams. Already fucked one up, don’t wanna do the same on the next 2. Damn you Dynamics… Anyway, any proof would be apreciated…

Mohammed Ali

If u can read Japanese then it most likely be in the Eternal Challenge Book

You’re right; it should, but somehow I doubt it will be there. Anyway, I’ll definitely check the book with a fine-toothed comb when I get it. And yes, it’ll still be awesome if she shows up in the comic somewhere. Thanks.