Questions on upgrading and Cthulhu pcb compatibility


As the name of the thread suggests I have a bunch of ideas that I want to try but I don’t want actually try. The reason for this is because I don’t have the skills to perform or the actual funds. Currently I’m looking to upgrade from my SE Stick but I cannot decide what route I should take since there are so many options!

 I'm looking to be able to play on my 360 because my locals use a 360 and I should be using mine too. I also abuse the crap out of my PS3 playing PS2 games and PSN (like AH3) games as well. A duel modded stick would be great but I would like to duel mod it myself. (I have nothing better to do!)

Idea one: HORI’s Real Arcade Pro VX SA, Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (both 360)
I found these really cool sticks online for a reasonable price and I would like to (at one point) put a Cthulhu pcb board in it but I don’t know if it is compatible with this stick’s pcb.

Idea two: Madcatz TE, TE-S (360)
Like the Idea one but with madcatz pcb.

Idea three: Qanba Q4
Personally I kind of do want a qanba because it is already duel modded out of the box but I read on some dissatisfied customers.


HRAP EX has a non-Comm Ground PCB.
Cannot be used stock PCB in Dual Mod.
Have to replace PCB if want Dual Mod.

HRAP VX SA has Common Ground PCB.
Can be used in Dual Mod.

Any TE from Mad Catz can be Dual Mod.
For TE, using TE Kitty is easy.

You do not want Cthulhu though.
You want to use ChImp SMD.

With Cthulhu, you will also need Imp.
It is to control the USB Data Lines.
No Automatic Detection.

ChImp SMD has Automatic Detection of Consoles.
Just plug and play without need to hold anything for switch.


HRAP EX: No go.
HRAP VX SA: Use a ChimpSMD, will require soldering to do properly.
MadCatz TE: Use a TE Kitty for best results and no soldering.