Questions on using a P360 on PC

So i plan on trying to make a multi-purpose(Pc and console) arcade cabinet.
I found a cabinet that seemed affordable enough on The little DIY kit. Now i have been planning on how it will work out and a question came up that i could use some help/advice on:

For controls
I planned on doing a “db-25” set up for the joysticks. I know you need project boxes for them to work with the consoles but what should i use for the joysticks to work on PC?? Do i need to hack a PC usb controller for a project box on the comp too or can i directly connect the db-25 connections?? Little confused on that one :looney:

Also, Do most monitors for arcade cabs have a component in or how does that work?? I want to be able to switch platforms without too much trouble.

Thanks for any help!!!

If you think arcade monitors have component inputs then you better do a ton of research before you take on this project.

Read this

On the left there is a “monitors” button.

Thanks for the read. Ok, so since that seems to be quite an undertaking, ill just use a tv instead. Seemed to work well for this guy:

Anything on the controls??