Questions re: suspected testicular cancer

I’ll be asking the urologist I’m seeing tomorrow these questions, but until then I’m wondering if anyone who’s gone through this can answer a few questions for me. Odds are, according to my doctor, my testicle will have to be removed.

NOTE: If it is cancer, I’ve been assured it’s caught early, and neither chest x-rays nor bloodwork shows any metastasis, which means my survival rate is somewhere around 99%. Not fishing for, nor do I want, any sympathies. Just want to know a few answers to questions I don’t know answers to yet.

  1. Does the surgical procedure to removal the testicle require intravenous?
  2. How long does the procedure take?
  3. Any side effects I should know about?
  4. How long do stitches stay on for?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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Fuck, that sucks ass man, and the only lame ass advice I can give is to tell the doctor “FUCK YOU” and take up cycling ala Lance Armstrong. The gold medal winner with the pornstar name.

Anyways, god bless.

Well my brother has had a testicle removed, It was so long ago but here is what I think I remember/know

1.Dont Know

2.Remember it being a one day procedure(pretty much a couple of hours), outpatient procedure I believe so you will be stuck in bed for a couple of days(honestly I think a week). It is a good idea to have people help you do things until you heal up from the surgery.

  1. If you are getting a testicle removed I think one of the side affects are a reduced chance of having children(good or bad you decide). I dont remember my brother having any kind of side effects but who knows ask the doctor or read up I cant tell you everything because I didn’t experience this myself.

  2. I think stitches get removed in the first week or two. Surgery not as bad as you think it is, I’d recommend it if you are getting removed for something such as cancer(my brother had one of his testicles removed for a hernia)

Hope this helps a bit… probably didnt really though.

  1. Yes
  2. It can be outpatient surgery if there are no complications, but with it being cancerous, they’ll probably want to keep you overnight.
  3. I’ve heard temporary E.D. can result, but I think that’s more of a psychological/pain tolerance issue. I assume you are beyond puberty, so growth issues probably won’t affect you.
  4. They’ll ask you to come back in a week, examine the cut and determine it then. Usually two weeks, but depending on how large the cut is, and how many stitches are required, it could be more or less.

I hope everything goes well and this nips the problem in the bud.

Tom Green taught me about testicular cancer.

i just came in here to say good luck.

They give you a prostetic testicle(s), correct?

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I’ve never had a ball removed, but I went through a couple of surgeries, so in my experience:

  1. Does the surgical procedure to removal the testicle require intravenous?

I believe so.

  1. How long does the procedure take?

It should be over within a day. (You’ll be sleeping anyway).

  1. Any side effects I should know about?

Well, you’ll be missing a nut…
(Sorry, bad joke…)

I heard you can get an implant…

  1. How long do stitches stay on for?

Couple of weeks.

May the force be with you for this!

@angelpalm: :rofl: Much thanks! I’m certain I’ll be fine.

@BullDancer: It does help, and it is super appreciated! :china:

@BlueNu: 80 bazillion thank yous.

@EvilSamurai: Same here.

@debs: Many thanks!

@Javid: I did some reading about that. My understanding is that it’s an option. I personally will likely opt out of it, unless there’s some downfall to NOT having one. Having a metal ball would be pretty cool, in a way. :wink:

@Atryu: My extremely non-fatal, extremely treatable, possibly-is-but-not-yet-proven case of testicular cancer pales in comparison to, say, pancreatic cancer, or any number of other WAAAAAAAAAAY worse things I could have. Again, I’m not fishing for sympathies… though yours are appreciated. :bgrin: And thanks for the responses!


Theirony of this…I went to the dotor today to get my right soldier checked out for cancer…I think I have it, and have had it for a while.

Got to go back in on Tuesday for the ultrasound…I so don’t want to lose him, I’m dying for kids, and lessening the proboballity isn’t something I’m looking foward to.

  • :bluu:

Damn that sucks. At least it is a high survival rate.

I personally don’t want children, so I’ll trade a testicle for piece of mind. My case is likely no big deal. I hope the same for you, and that you’ll be able to have children. :tup:

It doesn’t suck too bad. Truth be told, I’m WAY more nervous about being put under for surgery (I HATE the feeling of losing consciousness; it takes me 1-2 hours to fall asleep every night) than about dying. I suck at Street Fighter but I ain’t letting no malignant cell growth KO this handsome fat man. :wink:

I’m seriously running dry on Dr. B quotes. He’s certainly very… handsome? Yes, that will do.

removal of one testicle will not make you impotent or infertile. i have been in danger of losing a testicle before, and this was something the md reassured me of. you can get a prosthetic no problem. all surgery requires some kind of intravenous line to administer and regulate anesthesia. the procedure will most likely be outpatient, barring complications, so you’ll be released as soon as you are awake and stabilized. one of my good buddies lost a ball to cancer a few years ago, it was no big deal cuz he caught it early. a little snip and a little chemo, and you’re golden. most men don’t even need the chemo, it’s just to be safe. good luck, man. if you have any surgery questions, i’m a good person to ask. i’ve had over forty surgeries now, orthopedic, vascular, internal… the list is too long. don’t hesitate to ask questions, and being nervous is totally natural. esp considering the organ being operated on.

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EIghty bazillion thank yous! You answered, well, pretty much everything. Kudos!

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Dr. B willed his testicular cancer away.

It takes balls to face this kind of adversity in your life.

Don’t you even worry about it, man, because no matter what happens I am 100% certain that the heart in your chest is actually a massive third testicle that pumps courage through your veins.

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