Questions re: suspected testicular cancer

Dr. B will be there in person during surgery to perform a hadou motion thus creating a miniature Dragonball to replace the infected ball so that in the future you can look to your balls, ask for a wish then Dr. B will appear in dragon form to grant it.

No homo.

Wins thread…

Yeah, I mean I know it won’t shut off my ability, but hearing "it will make things a bit more difficult is the last thing I want to hear. As well, I doubt the plastic surgery to get a ‘replacement’ is covered @ Kaiser. I’m hoping its not cancer, and its a quick fix that leaves me ‘intact’, but I won’t know more until the middle/end of next week, my ultrasound is on tuesday. But damn the timing of this thread was just (0_0)’

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Well, after the Tom Green special, I felt my balls, and had a big lump on old righty. I was so terrified I almost passed out, and lost my boner…lol. Well my doctor was a 70 year old man, so I was a little more than apprehensive to go, but after a few months I decided it was better to get groped than die (personal opinion, I guess). Anyway he said it was just a cyst, but it would likely impact my fertility, which was still a blow, because like you, I wanted children. But after I found a decent girl and stopped using condoms it happened almost instantly lol. Now I have a set of beautiful one year old twin girls. I wouldn’t sweat it so much, you still have another one pumping at full capacity :P.

On a side note, I was nervous as to what the doctor would say, so I got high before I went (years ago). The doctor knew something was up because every time he touched the back of my balls I couldn’t help the uncontrollable laughter. It was more the notion that this 70 year old man was making big bucks fondling my nuts, but it did tickle. no homo.

Anyway good luck specs, I may have them cutting into my ballsac pretty soon, so I don’t have any more kids lol. Let us know how it goes.

An update: the urologist is almost completely certain that it’s cancer. I have bloodwork tomorrow morning and surgery on Tuesday. I’m still not worried.

@deadfrog: :rofl: and much thanks!

Just to clarify: I’m not Dr. B, nor am I any nickname based on the letter B. But much thanks for the well wishes!

Please keep us posted. This might as well be the “people who have or potentially have testicular cancer” thread.

For the moment, we’re kindred testicles in the scrotum of internet brotherhood. I hope for the best, for both of us!

Dr. B got all of the Braid stars on his first playthrough, while playing with his feet.

When did you start having problems?

I will, its been a ‘weird’ experience. It has a real high survival rate, so I’m nto scared for my life, but I’ve never had surgery, been put to sleep or anything, so its all just sorta 0_0 for me. As well…DAMMIT GUYS ITS ONE OF MY SOLDIERS :rofl:

Well since your going thru it let me pick your brain…I assume you had the ultrasound, what was the timeframe for handling things after the ultrasound? Have what they told you pretty much been in line with what folks on here (thanks ya’ll btw) have said? Have they given you the option of getting it ‘replaced’ during the same procedure?

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they don’t put in prosthesis during the procedure, because they may need to remove lymph node as well, and the general rule of surgery is don’t keep em under longer than they have to be. some surgeons may allow this, but kaiser doesn’t. also, as you thought, the prosthetic is not covered under kaiser healthplans as it is classified as elective surgery, which means it isnt necessary. guys, feeling really nervous before any surgery is normal, just ask the doctor for ATIVAN before you get your iv put in, it will relax the shit out of you. also, just to put you at ease, it really is like in the movies, the anesthesiologist just puts the mask on you and you’re asleep before you can count down to 5.

I went under pretty quick when getting my wisdom teeth removed 10 years ago. And when I woke up, it felt like I had only dozed off for a minute.

Approximately four weeks ago. My cousin’s dog was sitting on my balls and used them as a springboard when he heard someone at the door. I thought the lump was a bruise. I might just owe that dog my life. :rofl:

Well I’m in Canada, and I’m fortunate that while Canadian Healthcare does sometimes have wait times, they prioritize shit like this and nip it in the bud ASAP. I saw the doctor Tuesday, he gave me a urine and bloodwork requisition that I got done that afternoon, he got me in an ultrasound/x-ray appointment Wednesday afternoon, and I got a call from him Thursday morning saying the ultrasound looked suspicious (but the x-ray showed nothing bad in my lungs, thankfully) and he booked an appointment with a hospital urologist this morning. Surgery scheduled for this coming Tuesday, a week after initial diagnosis, and some more bloodwork tomorrow morning.

As for the prosthetic, that’s the one thing I forgot to ask about today. I assume I’ll find out when I call Monday (I have to call a day ahead to confirm my surgery time). Or when I suddenly have a metal testicle. :rofl: Which would suck because I’m flying several times this year.

Dr. B brand prosthetic testicles are compact supercomputers that never BSOD.

Tubing, Tubing, Tubing.

But on a serious note good luck dude. I’m sure there shouldn’t be any problems. It’s fortunate that you caught it early. After the procedure is done try to not let it phase you. Keep positive and you shouldn’t even be bothered by it.

This is most certainly one of those topics that we should talk about more on the site, but I guess no one wants to until a thread like this pops up.

There’s good info for everybody reading so keep it up.

Specs and Unreal… I can imagine what it feels like to be going through it and all I can say is not to worry so much. You live in the greatest time of human history for dealing with cancer, and you are both relatively young and so I think everything will be all good. My thoughts are with you doodz though. :slight_smile:

I’m sure everything will pan out well for both of you:tup:

Whenever I take a piss it takes me a lil longer then probably most people (at puclic bathrooms I noticed 2 people finish in the stalls before I’m done lol) maybe I should have myself checked out?

Good luck dude. hope everything works out for the best.

I hope things go well for the both of you

I don’t make a habit of publicly calling out other people’s shortcomings, but I’ve been thinking about this thing for a couple of days now and I really want to single it out as being an extremely worthless post. When I read it, the only thing that comes to my mind is, “It can’t get any weaker than this.”

What was he going for? That post seems so devoid of any intelligent thought, It’s hard to imagine that there was ever any sort of objective for it at all. Was it supposed to be some sort of wry non-pun? A facetious meta-joke parodying the inherent sarcasm of observationalist humour? I have trouble conceptualizing any possible stylistic motif that would lend that post even a spark of meaning or purpose.

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Just something to consider.

^ :rofl: That 1% of sympathy line had me rollin’.

Many thanks! Truth be told, this is more an annoyance than anything else. But as an aspiring screenwriter, I’m trying to view this as a life experience that will strengthen my writing. Look at the silver linings.

On a somewhat somber note… I have done some mental preparation in the unlikely scenario that, for whatever reason, this does off me. I can die happy as long as the people around me are happy. Morbid, and likely unnecessary thinking, but it does cross my mind more often than I care to admit. But I’m not dying from this, no chance in hell. :nunchuck:

Thanks for the well wishes, and I agree about this being discussed more often here.

Testicular cancer is, according to what I’ve been reading lately (I’ve been reading a LOT about cancer lately), something that affects 15-35yo males. Sounds like 90%+ of SRK posters should educate themselves on this topic, if they haven’t already.

Much thanks. That’s probably not a sign of cancer, but I’m not a doctor. Ask one if you’re suspicious. Maybe you just hold it in longer?

Gracias both of you! :china:

Dr. B was the first one out of the Third Impact goo. He was only mildly irritated, and took a leak in said ocean of goo. That’s why everything now has a little Dr. B in 'em.

let us knoiw about surgery…
For me, it turns out to be a ‘cyst’, don’t have any other detais on it, I’ll find out prognosis or whatever in 3-4 business days.

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Surgery was earlier today. They removed the ball. IV sucked, not because it hurt, but because I hate needles hard.

I’ll know what it was by the weekend.

I’m sore. :tdown: But alive! :tup:

I’m going to name my remaining testicle Logan Lonestar (aka Little Lolo).

Unreallystic: Good to hear it’s just a cyst. Keep me posted!

Dr. B’s testicles aren’t afflicted by earthly diseases. Except for the occasional testi-hickey, which Dr. B doesn’t get because he has balls of adamantium and hotness.

Happy to see you’re doing well!