Questions regarding certain set ups for kaisen dankairaku



First i have to list all of Ultra 2’s set ups i’ve jotted down in my Juri notes.

So i was wondering if the hit stun after HK in the vertical jump+hk~u2, ex counter cross up~u2, jump forward~delayed hk~u2, and lk fuhajin~fdac+forward dash~u2 was great enough to keep the opponent from recovering to block the ultra 2?

here’s why i ask.
i was playing arcade mode and a couple things happened to raise these questions.

1)i was playing against Zangief, and after doing the EX counter cross up+hk~U2, he got hit by the cross up HK, but managed to block the U2.
is it that i was too slow in whipping out the U2 after the cross up HK? or is it that his height(length from his head area to his feet area) is so much greater than the rest of the cast that it gives him enough time to recover from the hk hit stun to block the ultra?
since its arcade mode against cpu, i don’t have a replay.
i don’t think i was slow in exectuting the ultra after the hk since i could see in juri’s start up animations his head thrown way back from the hk impact hit stun & i could see the yellow flash streaks that eminate from the impact.
do taller characters like sagat, gief, t. hawk, etc have the ability to recover fast enough from the ex counter hk cross up to block the ultra due to their height?

2)i once did a mk cross up~u2 and it worked.
when i executed the u2, the close up of juri’s U2 animations showed my opponent still in hit stun and the yellow streaks of the hit were on screen.
is the hit stun from a mk cross up strong enough to lock my opponent in stunned state so its impossible for them to recover quickly enough to block the ultra?

3)do strong moves like HK and HP hits create enough hit stun to cause my opponent to be locked or frozen in those hit stun animations for me to execute u2 safely?
so could i just do [S]standing[/S] vertical jump then HP~U2 and just due to the fact HP causes high hit stun property it makes U2 after HP safe?

  1. It is possible. I believe it has to be counterhit though and/or you have to hit the crossup late, but it’s possible. Can be character specific, too.


you’re right. it seems possible.
i went into training mode and set the training mode options for the dummy to counter hit on and auto block second hit.

it didn’t work against bison or t. hawk, but it did on cammy. but the cross up has to be really delayed for it to work.

i also tested out the hit stun of her hp and hk moves with the auto block on to see if the hit stun duration was long enough for u2 follow up to be safe or not. it is.


Heres the deal with HK > Ultra 2. You have to be quick and deep, like prom night. I suggest confirming the hit, which means you have to do the ultra VERY quickly.

It works on EVERYONE. Up your execution son.

lp counter > ultra is NOT advised unless its an ultra fireball (ryu, gouken). Even still, I suggest doing ex dive kick > ultra after the counter. Its good to have a list, but have a list. I’ll offer a few for your notes.

j.strong > land > ex dive kick > ultra
focus attack > back dash > ex dive kick > ultra
store > ultra (corner vs everyone and character specific TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT link outside).
Fuzzy guard j.strong > ultra (There are like 8 ways from this idea alone).
lk pinwheel anti air > ultra (corner only, 1 hit off the lk pinwheel only. good vs neutral jumps, and jump backs)

KNOW YOUR PUNISH. Read your opponent. Your ultra becomes better with skill


what about this against a opponent’s jump CORNER ONLY
ex fuhajin lk+hk~U2

i can only get it to work 1/10 attempts though. really strict timing.


EX Fuhajin leading into u2 is really, really bizarre. There’s a very specific timing/spacing where it’ll work. You can even do weird stuff like: [media=youtube]ooZBac5BZOw[/media] at 52s

I don’t know if there are any reliable setups to get it working in a live match, though :confused:


Not really bizarre. Here’s my take. Anyone who understand juggle points chime in.

Theoretically it’s possible to do ex fuhajin to ultra 2. This is why it doesn’t work.

Ultra 2 start up and is active. It TURNS OFF after a few frames active. As she spins back around its active again. Then off and then final cinematic.

Ex fuhajin juggles at a distance in which your opponent falls through it while it’s inactive.

So the trick is to find a way to hit them at a height in which it puts them in the air while it’s active.

Vs ken, ryu, Sakura = sc.hp xx low ex, focus attack dash cancel > ultra 2

You have to hold the fa for a hair to cause the fireballs to split into two slow hits. This keeps the opponent juggled long enough. No cinematic.

Corner vs ryu (and maybe others) Xx high ex > fadc > ultra 2.


EX release 1st hit has JP1 propriety, 2nd hit is JP2. U2 starts with the floor spin at JP1 and then the middle ascension is JP2.
A juggled character starts at JP1 state, each juggle added adds 1 point to the JP. Then the move you want to continue to juggle with must meets or exceed the character juggled state.

So in theory, you either connect the U2 with the floor spin at the 1st hit of the ex release or
when juri rises up with the 2nd hit of the ex release.

I’ve just tried for a couple of minutes, I can’t see comboing from the 1st JP1 possible


someone came up to me while i was playing and told me its possible to do (counter hit) ultra 2? ive never seen this before and i really wanna know wtf he was talking about. i dont think any of her moves on counter hit can go into Ultra2?

it also works if u hit a forward low enough


I believe it’s ch cr MP, not cr. MK.


Check out one of Metallicmike’s combo videos on YT. His name on youtube is bluecheeseftw, i think. I’m pretty sure its the video with sonic music in i. Thats the best I got.


I cry bullshit to that. It would have to be counterhit and meaty on the last frame. And even still it’s character specific.

Not worth your time.