Questions regarding inputs on a Arcade Stick(Tekken 7 Related)


So I’m using a TE2+ and I’m in practice mode. Say I want to do 1+2, is it abnormal to not execute it properly 100% of the time. Like, sometimes it executes various inputs when just pressing 1+2 in the command history:

1, 1+2 = Fails to just execute 1+2 (mostly get this one to show)
1, 1+2, 1 = Fails
1, 1+2, 2 = Fails
1+2, 2 = Succeeds but is the second input afterwards normal?

This goes for other dual inputs(throws). I either get an additional input before or after the dual input. If it is before, the move will fail to execute. If it is after, the move will succeed but I don’t want that additional input.

Does that mean there’s a problem with the button’s microswitches?


tekkens inputs are like that. I’m using a HRAP 4 modified with a Korean stick. But when pressing b/db , I’ll get multiple dbs or multiple downs, same with the buttons. Tekken is very timing specific. You have to hit the buttons/stick at the perfect moment for it to register what you want done in the game. Take the Mishima Electric Wind Godfist for example. the input for that is forward, neutral, Down forward and the punch button (I think 2). But the thing is, for it to come out as a full Electric, you have to press the punch within 1 frame of the down forward. There are 60 frames per second. That means 1 frame is around 16.67 milliseconds, since there are 1000 milliseconds in a second (1000/60fps). think about how quick that is. Tekken is like that in that 16.67 milliseconds in the time it takes to hit two buttons with two different fingers can be the difference between doing something right and doing it wrong. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it down. It just takes practice.


U can map multiple button inputs like 1+2 to a single button if u need 2


In Tekken you can use input buffering.
Just hold 1, then press 3 while you still hold 1.
You’ll get a 1+3.

So if you want jab check somebody and want to perform a forward reaching throw afterwards, you press forward and hit 1 for the jab, hold both the forward and 1 down, and hit 3.

You can also do this by holding 2 buttons down, in the case of various command grab chains to make it easier for you to execute.

In general, you’re fucking up your inputs though. I doubt that your problem has anything to do with the buttons themselves.


this shit happens to all PS4 sticks, dont believe the stupid “it is the operator’s error” bs, getting sick that stupid ass reply from people, i’ve been playing on arcade sticks for a decade and played over 35,000 matches in online mode for tekken 6 and TTT2, so its so annoying when people are saying crap like “oh its your problem, not the stick” when ive found multiple forum posts regarding this problem


Well, it’s the operator’s error.


Just keep practicing man. There is the buffering you have to know to be efficient. But if what you are doing can’t be buffered into, you need to be able to hit multiple buttons at once. Pressing two buttons in Tekken is no harder than pressing two buttons in NRS games, or even Street Fighter.

Go into practice mode, put your button log on and just practice hitting multiple buttons together and you will see where you are messing up. You might be pressing to slow. That’s a common problem. Note: slow doesn’t mean soft and fast doesn’t mean hard.


dude Zoko Loco, you need to be quiet about that “operator’s error” bullcrap, i’ve played over 30k matches using 3-4 different arcade sticks, used various models from both Hori and Mad Catz, its not freaken rocket science to get used to a brand new stick, it may only take me about 3-4 hours to get used to the new stick, just because its a new stick doesn’t mean i can’t press 1+2 during combos or 1+3+4 which don’t even take skills to do, so don’t tell me its “operator’s error” bullshit, its like saying you can’t all of sudden drive just because you’re driving a different car, as far i know, ALL cars have a steering wheel, a brake, and an accelerator pedal, so your reasoning is retarded.


TKR, you speak as if pressing 2 buttons is like brain surgery unless you’re a freaken monkey, how can a 2 button or even a 3 button press be difficult? so stop insulting people’s intelligence and think they can’t even press 2 buttons simultaneously



This is the Newbie section. So people with Newbie issues will be posting here. He clearly states the issues he is having and it is a problem of not being consistent with multiple button inputs. So calm yourself and read what he has said. I in no way made it seem like pressing multiple buttons simultaneously is like brain surgery. Merely that he can use training modes button log to show him if he is getting it right or not. You on the other hand are the one insulting people. Stating that people who can’t do it are freaken monkeys, when the OP is having the problem, is very disrespectful.

Perhaps don’t be a douche and the FGC wont dislike you so much.


I have the same problem. Which is weird because I never have trouble breaking grabs, popping Vtrigger, or using vskills in SFV. I think the timing in tekken is just really really tight. Like your fingers have to be he same length. To hit exactly at the same time. This is my fist time using stick with tekken so I’m learning as I go.


This is it dude.

Tekken is a lot tighter than most other games. I had a mate who was having the same problem. He practiced by having a dummy throw him, and teching the throws. Teching throws in T7 has been made easier. And once he had that down he no longer had problems with multiple button presses.


Same problem with QCF motions. Compared to SF, you need to be faster with the input. Be clean, fast and precise with your inputs. Button buffering as @ArtVandelay mentioned is equally important.


this is nothing to do with being a beginner or not, when he said he can’t do it 100% of the time, it’s not because he’s slow at it or something, i mean come on, lets be real, pressing 2 buttons at the same time is not hard as i’ve already said, anyone can do it, even with like 1 hour practice if he or she is a total beginner, so it means there is a problem with the sticks nor working with the game properly, even for somebody who played over a decade on a stick and tekken since tekken 3, i’ve started encountering this problem immediately when i switched to PS4 sticks, thats why I’ve gone back to my old PS3 mad catz soul edition stick, because that stick has none of the problems in Tekken 7. I dont know wtf is the issue, BUT this double or 3 button press commands gave me problems when i was using the TE2+ on Tekken Tag 2, i just thought at first maybe the stick isn’t that compatible with ps3 games, so i just let it go knowing Tekken 7 would be coming out in a few months, then when Tekken 7 hit, i got on it, and it STILL gave me problems with 1+2 or 1+3+4, or 1+3 commands, they kept dropping maybe 10% of the time, so out of curiosity i plugged in my old ps3 stick since Tekken 7 supports legacy controllers, and amazingly, that stick gives me ZERO problems with multiple button inputs. So i dont know what it is, either the new PS4 sticks like the TE2, panthera, RAP4 have some kind of an isssue or its the game, but I’ve tried all those sticks and then ultimately went back to my old PS3 SC5 stick


10% of the time is nothing. And a reasonable amount of time to mess up an input.

This has everything to do with being a newbie. He says he sometimes gets an additional input before or after getting the double button press. This indicates that the system is reading one of the buttons a little early or a little late. Which means he is pianoing the inputs, or releasing one button slower than the other.

I too find the inputs easy as I have also played a couple games. But I have a mate who can’t get it down no matter what. People are different, let it be. You may have had some issues with your stick. I can’t say if that is legit or not. As I haven’t had any issues with the sticks you have mentioned. Or any others I use at the gaming meet ups. But it doesn’t mean everybody is having the same problem. And I just feel it is not in the OP’s best interest to be told that it’s his stick. As that could be a cop out to not practice anymore and blame it on the hardware.

In you other post you mentioned you tried the UFB and had the same problem. That’s an indicator that it isn’t the stick. The “stick” is the PC board that is inside of it, removing it and using a UFB means it is now a completely different product. The buttons and the joystick used are the same in the old boxes as they are in the new boxes. I use a UFB in my own stick and have had zero problems.

Same people may be having issues. Some may just need to practice. And since we don’t know what the person on the other side of the PC screen is experiencing, the best answers we can give are to practice. And advise on what could be causing the problem based on technique. At the end of the day it wont hurt the person asking. And if it turns out they do have a faulty stick, they still got all the necessary practice in that they should have been doing anyway.


It’s possible you might be right. I just got a Qanba Dragon. I haven’t played T7 yet but I’ll check to see if that stick does it or not. I’ve never played tekken on stick until T7. Been using stick since October of 2015 so I’m still kind of a newbie at it. At least with tekken. In sfv I can hit all my stuff execution wise. I’ll try my dragon with T7 tomorrow. From what I gathered online is that the dragon has a slight lead in less input lag than the te2+. I also have that one and I noticed it when I used that before I got my dragon. I’ll get back to report tomorrow.


thanks for your understanding, it pisses me off when idiots go “it’s the operator’s issue”, that shit doesn’t apply to me since i’ve been playing Tekken seriously on either mad catz or hori sticks since tekken 6 days, and i’ve gone through 4-5 different sticks over the years while playing tekken 6 and Tag 2, and NEVER EVER had a problem until I bought the first PS3/PS4 stick which was Chun li TE2, before then, it was ALL ps3 sticks, both brands, HORI and Mad Catz and i never had an issue with simultaneous button inputs.

Captain Hawk, on your Qanba Dragon, if you’re playing Tekken 7, go into practice mode and do this test, press ALL 4 buttons simultaneously together, dont do the buffer method which is holding down 3 buttons and pressing just 1 button, press ALL 4 buttons together with 4 fingers, 1 finger pressing each button, do that repeatedly, if your character keeps doing the ki charge, then the stick doesn’t have issues, but if you try it like how i have on a TE2+ for example, maybe 2/10 times or so your character would do like a sequence move, depending on your character, as if you pressed them back to back like 1,2,3,4 instead of 1+2+3+4 which will give you a ki charge regardless what character you use.

I’ve done that on my old mad catz soul edition ps3 stick, i never dropped a ki charge input, but on the TE2+, it would not come out 10-20% of the time.

Do that test, and let me know.


Are you that butt hurt about people not just accepting your whining that you need to thank the dude for just accepting your BS. Dude, you have said it has done the same thing with the Brooks UFB. The only thing on the stick that would cause the issue would be the PCB inside. So if you change the PCB and it still happens, then it isn’t the arcade stick you are playing on. At a push you could blame the buttons for being faulty, However you haven’t moaned yet about single button inputs.But since you have so many sticks you can just pop some buttons out of the others, put them in the TE2 you are using and stop being so negative to everybody who gives advice on the mater. If your stick is broken, fix it, if your technique isn’t up to scratch, practice. How can you blindly go around 100% sure everybody is having stick issues.

Grow up man. Or at the very least learn to understand that not everybody has stick issues and sometimes “it’s the operators issue”. Nobody cares about you or how amazing you think you are, so they aren’t going to believe that you have super fingers that never make mistakes.

Your an ass, on any forum, on any social media, and even on Youtube. Change your tag, clean up your crappy personality, and put in proper effort and maybe you can become this FGC god you think you are. Or waste your supposed talent and be a douche for ever.


lol you think i haven’t switched out the buttons? i already have, i got plenty of unused sanwa buttons, and wires all look fine and connected just fine, and there are plenty of posts ive seen on reddit and zaibatsu forum discussing this same issue, so don’t tell me some stupid crap as if I haven’t tried any other solutions, I’ve gone through brand new TE2, and TE2+ and Even razer panthera, and STILL got the same problem, while my old PS3 sticks on Tekken 7 didn’t give me the issue, hence Im STILL using a ps3 stick instead of the PS4 sticks, so don’t tell me to fix my stick or get my technique up to scratch, you think press 1+2 in a combo that i’ve done thousands and thousands of times is something i can’t do? Single button presses are just fine, i never needed to mention about it, what i mentioned where MULTIPLE button presses where you need to press 2,3, or even 4 buttons together, if you think its the “operator’s error” then how is it that it’s not happening to my PS3 sticks? i got Mad catz versus and TE1 soul edition and they work perfectly fine with zero drops, so don’t tell me about some stupidass operator’s error.


In some post somewhere you have said you have the same issue with the Brook UFB. I started looking for it but honestly just can’t be bothered.

You can’t seem to grasp what I have said about it. If you have the same issue with a different PCB, then stop blaming a specific brand or model. Because the only thing involved is the PCB, since you said you have changed out the buttons. And you should contact Brook and let them know about the problem, so they can fix it in their next software update.

I have said that you may be having this issue you think you are. There is now way to prove or disprove if you are talking shit or not to hide your embarrassment about possibly not having the skills you say you do. Since on your YT channel you often talk shit about people who are great players to cover your insecurities. So just accept that I accept you may be talking the truth and stop getting so uptight. And stop trying to push this discussion around in circles.

But remember, again, this is the Newbie section, so when somebody mentions a problem they are having, don’t jump straight to hardware issues. Work through the possible problems, so they can grow and understand more. And at the end of it, if it is a hardware issue, they would still have built up a bit more knowledge about the games they play and the mechanics of those games and how they register button presses. As newbies to the games, they could very well be struggling with simple actions and inputs.

Calm yourself down, take a deep breath and relax. Help others. Don’t be a tool. You are welcome to be a better person, to those on this forum and those in your life.

To others who are having honest hardware issues, I would like you to know that I believe it is entirely possible. Please post up here what steps you took to fix the situation. Thank you.

@Bludika if your PS3 sticks are working so well, you should put one side by side in training mode. Then practice a little on the PS3 stick and jump straight over to the PS4 stick. While your fingers are fresh. I am sure in time with doing this you would be able to spend less time on the PS3 stick before moving over to the PS4 stick. Until eventually you can put the PS3 stick away for good. Sort of like giving up smoking and replacing it with something else. A little practice goes a long way.

Unless the stick is faulty. Then just don’t practice at all. That’s obviously the better advice.