Questions regarding Ken's overheads

I have a few questions regarding Ken’s overheads.

  1. What are easy ways to combo Ken’s UOH and his f+MK into SAIII? For f+MK, I have tried pressing all 3 kick buttons at the same time (drumming, I think), and it has become relatively easier to do. The UOH brings more trouble though, as it seems harder to pull off.

  2. Also, are there other good times to use overheads besides wake-up?

  3. When is the safest time to pull off a wakeup f+MK? My friend who is a Ryu SAII player has been frequently grabbing me out of them when he is getting up, and I’m wondering what the best way to time it is? He never blocks high on wakeup, so crouching LK’s are out of the question there.

First of all, I am going to assume you mean b+mk. B+mk will only work on crouching opponents. Other than that, just need to get the timing down.

The UOH either must be at max distance, or timed meaty, otherwise it will not combo.

I mix in UOH’s in my poke strings, and b+mk is a decent mixup after blocked cross up’s.

Time it meaty and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Since he never blocks high keep grabbing him until you can execute Ken’s overhead link’s right.

UOH’s are also good when he has low health and is blocking alot,for alot of people getting hit by UOH 2-3 times makes them stand-up so you can get in some low attacks.

A good time to use his back+medium kick overhead is after a blocked jump-in/cross-up attack(if its not deep you’ll get grabbed as soon as you land).Make sure to mix cr.short,cr.short/grab too so they have a reason to block low/let go of block.