Questions regarding modding an empty madcatz TE stick

So for about a few years now, I’ve had 2 empty stick cases. A madcatz TE 1, and a hori HRAP3. Currently I own a madcatz fightstick pro, so this is mostly just a mod I wanna do for fun and to add a second/third stick for my collection, but how exactly do I go about modding these? I know of the akishop PS360+, but all of the tutorials I’ve seen about it online only go into how to mod a TE1/2 in conjunction with the old sticks pcb. How many wires/daisy chains do I need to get? My layout is a home/start button, an 8 button layout, and the obvious joystick. I won’t be using the custom home/turbo buttons that will comes with the stick, so is there a way to using a combination of buttons to use as a home button if I use the ps360+?
Basically, I’d appreciate it if someone could lend me a hand in prepping for this before I actually go ahead and mod this stick case.

Ask in the sticky thread.