Questions regarding Sonic Championship(Sonic The Fighters in Japan)

Is it worth getting and playing in the Sonic Gems Collection?
What’s the difficulty level?
Is it competitive?
What rating will you give it?

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somebody get Giza in here quick. >_>

It is realitively easy. The majority of the games moves are easy to perform. It won’t be long until you can perform all the moves constitantly. The hyper mode, which works like a custom combo, can actually take up quite a bit of time to learn how to use effectively. I cannot really give too much help because I suck at hyper mode.

The CPU are really quite awful as well. The Knuckles cpu you never do anything, even on when the difficulty is on Hard. They cpus fall for some stupid shit over and over so don’t expect to get too much of a challenge from them. Though the Fang computer is pretty cool, he actually spaces himself to work his unblockable.

Well… there is a glaring issue with competitive play in Sonic the Fighters. The issue is something I call the Catch Up system. Basically when one player has less health they deal more damage to opponents with high health in order to balance it out quicker. This makes it so your work earily in the match can go a little under rewarded.

HOWEVER! It is still a competitive game. If you have human opponents willing to play you might be able to get into it. The game works in a 2.5d system, and I mean that more literally than other people use it for 3d fighters. This game was the moving back and forth and jumping of coarse, however when it comes to the sidestepping move (called a dodge in this game) you can only go 1 way. It makes use of trapping your opponent into the sides of the field useful for pressure and comboing. You might feel some 2d fighter qualities that are missing in most 3d fighters.

The game also has a limited Guard system, which in my opinion works to its advantage. You have 5 barriers per match, and each match is 2 out of 3 rounds. Only some attacks break barriers and many of them are easily avoidable. Using a hyper activation costs a barrier. You are gonna want to balance out your use of barriers. If you lose all your barriers, you can abuse your hyper activation animation (you won’t turn hyper but the move is fast with decent priority and can combo). This adds to the game quite a bit. You have know when to guard, know when to dodge, know when to get hit.

The game is pull of pressuring moves, and rush down. The rounds go fast, the time limit on each round is only 30 seconds if that gives you an idea.

What is Gem Collection now? $17.99? I bought it for around $10 a little more than a year ago. I didn’t know it was gonna be good, and at first I didn’t like it. But it seriously is a fun game and if you have can get opponents it is worth the money.

Umm… out of 10? … maybe a 7. It isn’t the best fighting game due to the catchu up system. The graphics are often critized though I still think it looks pretty good. Lack of characters (only 8) but the game is decently balanced, though Sonic is a little weaker than the rest of the cast.

Here are some examples of gameplay, if they will help you make up your mind about the game (btw this is not the ingame music);
Sonic the Fighters: Giza (Knux) vs Neko Tim (Bark) Set

Sonic the Fighters: Giza (Amy) vs Neko Tim (Bark) Set

Sonic the Fighters: Giza (Knux) vs Neko Tim (Fang) Set

Perfect Match Video

Hope all of this will give you a good idea of what the game is like when you make your decision.

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this might be a good place to post this:

i’m sure Japan played this game, hell, in 1996 Replay Data Land had a tournament for Virtua Fighter Kids

i’m not sure how to compare the two, Giza you might be the one to say how the two games stack up. having played Sonic The Fighters i really liked it a lot.
Giza what’s that tier list again >_>

evidently there’s a hidden unused boss in the Sonic Championship game that you can only see via MAME
that would have been really cool ;_;

There are actually quite a few unused character models in the game, 4649.

Tier List
~As of 8/22/07~

High Tier
Knuckles: He has an insane rush down capabilities. He also has a lot of fairly safe barrier breakers. His default grab does have a really strange start up making it harder to pull off, but when you get it in its a very good set up. He is equipped with one of the best dodges in the game. Does good damage, but lack any sort of projectile.

Amy: A little on the slow side, but more than makes up with it with power and range. Many of Amys moves (including barrier breaking moves) space her correctly so she cannot be grabbed or get hit by the majority of attack. Her grab can be a good set up in corners. She has good following moves and has effective moves in all directions. She is even equipped with a few projectiles that can keep people away or combo.

Tails: Tails has some pretty crazy rush down capabilities. He has the best dodge in the game of all the playable characters. He has moves that are decent for land chasing and can also really punish people who dont do it. He has moves that are effective pretty much in every situation unless the opponent can do a reverse land or a far land. However, his damage isnt the best.

Mid Tier
Fang: The projectile guy. Fang has ton to work with when it comes to keeping the opponent away though his melee attack are fairly slow, leaving him a bit open (though his grabs can help him make distance again). He still is very hard to approach for characters because of his projectiles, and his unblockable makes him even harder to get close to. His projectiles can be knocked away by spin attacks which usually force him to fight near a corner. He has some crazy damaged wall combos and land chases.

Bark: Slow! Probably the first thing you think of when you play as Bark. But he is also very powerful. Has the ability to breaks barriers pretty quickly and actually pretty safely. He has multiple grabs that are good in different situations; all of them can be comboed off of in certain positioning (leads to massive damage). He can stop characters from using otherwise effective dodging approaches, which makes it so people cannot just rush him down.

Bean: Bomb projectiles. A strong default grab. Unlike the other projectile guy in the game Bean actually have a couple of fast melee attacks. His damage is pretty low but can overwhelm people with bombs. His hyper mode lets him get a grab in really easily. His ability to play a ranged game, and still be fast up close is useful. Though his damage is low enough to keep him down and he is still a bit limited in melee range.

Low Tier
Espio: Espio gives out quite a bit of damage. He has a good ranged attack and decent throws. He has some slow start ups on a few of his attacks and cannot space out too effectively. There are some moves that will put both the opponent and Espio in a position of limited choices with Espio having a bit of an advantage. Espio has ways to get his grabs in easier then other characters and he needs to try and abuse it to keep up with the rest of he cast because his combos are a bit limited.

Sonic: Sonic can break barriers fairly well, but he gets punished for most of the attacks that do. His neutral punches are decent but he still has limited options when it comes to combat and his speed doesnt help him much. I think that the developers thought his barrier breaking attack could make him even with the others but it doesnt. He is just like Bean without projectiles, with barrier breaking abilities and a worse hyper mode.

It is hard to compare games like Virtua Fighter kids to Sonic the Fighters they have vastly different gameplay styles which is brought about from the land, dodge, and barrier system. The High low game is vastly different because barrier blocks everything at once, but each barrier breaks on certain attacks. Grabbing seems to be a larger part of StF, as there is no button cancel, if it grab connects, it connects. The only way to avoid a grab up close is crouching. The game instead of being about trying to poke your opponents with highs and lows like VFkids tends to be is completely given up so that it comes down to pushing your opponents into a comboing position or other set ups.

So unlike other 3d fighters from the time that I have played, in StF you will be creating distance quite often and applying pressure and abusing positioning. It isn’t all close up moves like you will see in Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers. And even though aerials will seem almost useless at first they really do come in handy, and there will be a lot more air time in this game then the other 3d fighters of its age.

btw, topic for the game is here;
though I havent updated it in awhile.

Lol, figures ‘somebody’ would be in to this enough to write about it.

Wow! There’s a lot more to this old game than I thought. Makes me want to dig out my copy of Sonic Gems Collection and have a few matches.

I would suggest looking at how incredibly stupid the AI can be. My recommendation is to pick Knuckles and dodge to punch, kick. When you get up around Tails the CPU will always land in place and you can just keep hitting them with it over and over.

Also I would suggest trying out Knuckles’ grab. His grab can have 3 parts. The initial hit, the middle hit, and the finisher. The first part is done just by performing the grab (l-trigger or P button + Barrier), then the next to are done just by pressing punch. In the majority of situations stopping at the middle hit is the best, you should be behind them and should be able to perform a move before they get out of stun. Normal kicks are easy and depending on your position should put you in a position for an easy land chase using your dodge to whatever you please. It might be possible to start a hyper combo from it (haven’t really tested). You can try out whatever seems fancy to you. Knuckles’ shoryuken (rising uppercut) is pretty nice. >.>

Bean is god-tier.

Why? Cuz I sez so.

I hope they bring back some of the Sonic the Fighter characters for Fighters Megamix 2…

after watching some of those matches, goddamn Bark is a monster with those juggles…he’s like Jeffry or Wolf or something x_x

This game is nuts and warrants attention solely on the fact that this is the only game I could see Virtua Fighter and Smash Bros heads equally enjoying :rofl:

Bark is definitely a beast. The scary that about all of that is that Neko Tim did not know how to perform all of Bark’s grabs and follow ups at the time. His grabs are damn power and his barrier breaking and push back at great too. I often fear playing against Bark.

I wish it worked that way. Most players of either of those games look at it and there first reaction is usually quite negetive. It is very hard to recruit new players to this game, especially since a large portion of people at Sonic boards are too retarded to understand how you play the game.

Good ass game

Get it now.

It’s not really competitive considering the system is pathetically easy to get used to but with all the balance issues, im surprised SRK isn’t rushing to shove this into EVO to talk about tiers and all that other bull.

All the balance issues?

Bean’s projectiles are evil (considering the homing capabilities give him a tremendous advantage. Bark’s damage is set very high, though it’s understandable considering he’s about power but it’s like 4-5 hits and he’s the heavy weight champ in no time, Not to mention since character’s health goes down real fast in this game he’s god. Fang’s long range attacks from a gun give him a keep away advantage. Along with the fact that most of the time people can keep firing away with attacks (for instance, if you’ve been knocked to the ground with a combo, one can do a spin dash attack, then follow up with a body slam move or vice versa) and throws do huge amounts of damage which, combined with the low health settings Sega compounded into this, makes for REALLY short matches (one throw takes like what? 40% off the bar. Bark makes everyone his bitch easly)

Btw, aren’t yo uthat guy from Sonic Cage dome?

Sonic Cage Dome? No.

First, all grabs can be crouched under so they aren’t gonna be used often so the damage can be high. The matches are supposed to be short too. In case you didn’t all rounds time limit is 30 seconds. Now about the keeping chains up for too long… first of all, if you land on the ground in a position where you can be greatly punished you deserve it. There are so many ways to escape most situations including the body slam follow up.

Secondly, your example of getting knocked to the ground to the other person using spindash to body slam doesn’t exactly hold up unless you are grounded player is pressing nothing when he is on the ground. The Spindash would have to be have to be started when the person was in the air or there would be time to roll off the ground before the spin attack hits. In most cases if the person starts the spindash when you are in air you could see the spindash starting and land accordingly so you avoid the hit. If the spindash lands at you stay on the floor (which takes some timing, if the dash hits you when you are even slightly in the air the spindash will send you up), then the person should not be able to follow up with a body slam. The spindash was too much lag on this point and from that and the starting time of the body slam you would have had time to roll away already. It is also impossible to do a body slam to spindash for basically the same reason.

I think you are confusing character balance with unique character gameplay. Secondly, you don’t seem to know too much about the game. Bean’s evil projectiles with homing capabilities? Which game have you been playing? Homing could mean they followed you after they were thrown. Bean’s projectiles lock on where the opponent was when he started the attack, and can only go a certain distance so if they are across the stage the projectiles might not reach. Bean’s projectiles do give him a bit of an edge, but not as tremendous as you make them out to be. His Kick bomb is limited to going straight forward and is somewhat laggy. His triple bomb has too much lag and is rarely a good choice. His crouching bomb is a decent follow up and can stop characters sometimes because of the insane amount of barrier stun it produced, but the move is laggy itself. His aerial bombs let him throw projectiles with little lag and are pretty useful, but they put Bean in the air and some characters can just dash forward then dodge and hit Bean as he is coming down. Plus Bean’s fast ground attacks can be crouched under too so he doesn’t rape the cast or anything.

Fang long range give him a keep away advantage. Yes. Does that mean nobody can approach him? He has nice projectiles that don’t have too much of lag. He even has an unblockable move that makes him even harder to approach. But when a character gets to him what is he gonna do? He is gonna get smacked that what. And he doesn’t have many moves that are gonna help him land right and then start the keep away again, because the other person is most likely able to chase your land and continue the rush down. The main thing Fang has up close is his grab which allow him to start the keep away game again.

Bark damage is pretty good, but he is a big guy. But does being a big guy make him god? No. He is slower than the rest of the cast, no doubt, and also he cannot crouch. A lot of his moves can be crouched under and he is the easiest character to jump in on. His high damage keeps him in the game, it isn’t like he is way better than the rest of the cast.

The characters just play differently but in the end it is all pretty fair and even.

Sonic the Fighters suck JK :lovin:

Thanks a lot,I went and brought it on Sunday to try it out myself.(On Sonic Gems)
Althogh Metal Sonic is a total badass even on easy.I’ve unlocked Super Sonic which was hard to do.Usually I play Sonic CD on Sonic Gems Collection though. I mostly play as Knuckles or Amy

If you are playing as Amy you might want to practice her “Heads Up!” move. I know a lot of people who were confused on how to perform it so I will explain. The activation is Up, Down+P. However when you press up you jump. In order to perform the move you have to be holding down the barrier when you press up, then let go and do the down+P. You may not get it at first but eventually you get the hang of it. You can also start the move by pressing up during attack lag, and then down+P when attack lag ends…

Have any of you unlocked Super Sonic before?

Sonic the Fighters for Evo baby!