Questions regarding the Linux Kit's VGA cable for the PS2

Does this VGA cable work with the Playstation 3, too?

These 3rd party VGA cables for the PS3+Wii are garbage, because they black out every 3 minutes. I’m curious if the fabled VGA cables would function properly on a Playstation 3, since they had Sony’s blessings. It’s just too bad Sony never gave the PS3 any VGA blessings.

Local game store in the area supposedly has a Linux Kit for the PS2, CIB. They’re selling it for $25, apparently. Might go snatch it up if I can confirm status on the VGA cables.

That a good question. I know the PS3 was the last Sony system to support RGB Scart.
I think the PS2 VGA cables are sync on Green so keep that in mind.

If I find anything else I post it here.

I do believe it works on PS3, since last I checked the A/V pinout is identical to the PS2’s. I think the PS3 supports composite sync over RGB as well, so even though the PS2 only supported SOG, you should be able to use your PS3 with virtually any monitor.

If you don’t mind me asking, what are you trying to connect your PS3 to that warrants using VGA over say HDMI, SCART, etc.?

HDTVs with PC connections often bypass most of the post image processing

True enough, but couldn’t you also use component in game mode or something?

I’m getting the feeling this guy is trying to use a CRT monitor, which is probably not going to turn out as well as you’d hope it would.

Nah, I want to use this spare fatboy PS3 on my computer monitor.

UNFORTUNATELY, it only supports VGA output.

Well there always scart to VGA converters

Well you may actually be able to use a simple component -> VGA connection adapter. That was how I was able to use VGA output on PS2 ages ago.

Keep in mind that this is simply a passthrough for whatever signal your PS3 is sending, so there’s no conversion of signals going on at all. You’d have to set your PS3 up to output RGB through component and see if that works.

I was recently told by a savvy friend of mine that PS3 can only do 480p in RGB mode, can anyone confirm? Before we send this dude down this path I feel like someone should find out.

Yep, PlaySation 3’s RGB is limited to 480p same as the PS2. (Although the VGA format can do 1080i just fine).
For 720 or 1080 you need to use YPBPR Componet or HDMI

I was not satified with the general quality of YPBPR to VGA converters marketed towards gamers but I am sure there a decent version somewhere.

Yes it does work, well the ultimarc version of the 15 pin dsub works. Here is a picture of my FAT PS3 connected with the ultimarc 15 pin dsub to my arcade monitor which only accepts that connector.

One thing to note was that I did not mess with the resolution from the PS3 to output 480p. And the monitor accepts resolutions from 240p to 480p. So which setting the PS3 was output by default I’m not sure. So depending on your monitor your success may vary. my monitor in question.