Questions: throws


I’ve seen ppl throwing oppents as soon as the opponents wakes up or the other way around…
And I tried doing something like that, but have a very low success rate.

My questions is under what circumstances, you can throw your opponent 1) when he wakes up, 2) when you wake up…


When the person waking up is fully standing and doing nothing… usually you dont see this because the throw will come out…

Or when you are waking up and the person is standing next do you doing nothing (or has just wiffed a move like short and is still in recovery frames)

Throwing someone whos waking up is a bit more difficult that throwing someone who is standing above you as you wake up (in terms of timing… for me anyway… especially if they have delayed gettup (P-groove)). Although throwing someone whos waking up seems to happen more, as most people will not stand/block/crouch next to an opponent who is waking up and if you knock someone down you can play mind games to trick them into doing nothing.


a little confusing, but i think i get it…

i’ve seen ppl whiff an attack lp or lk, and get the waking up guy to block and throw right after the whiff…


Usually if you’re throwing the guy getting up, it’s because he hesitates… and doesn’t do anything. You have to wait for them to totally get up. It can get good if they’re scared of dizzy or something. You hit them a bunch, the get defensive, you throw.

The nice part is that people usually don’t want to get thrown twice in a row so they might try something when they get up next time. Something you can hopefully predict and counter. :slight_smile:


heh heh :evil:
that’s good to know !!