Questions to any 360 owners in Japan or owners of a JP 360

Although I can find out tomorrow, I wanted to get a heads up before I go and get one because I’m just generally an anxious person and wanting to play many games for it:

How much would a used 360 cost usually? (In Japan, HD does not matter, already have one.)

Generally, is 360 compatible with external HDD’s, and can it use NTFS?

How much is XBL gold one year service in Japan?

Also, how is the regional thing on it, can I play some American games? (Not that I really want to anyway, though.) Is the marketplace in English or Japanese or does it depend on region selected in dashboard?

Thank you in advance, have a great day.

This thread might be helpful for you. I’d like to own a JP 360 too, I really want to get Ketsui.

LOL, Ketsui is my most sought after game for the 360! I been trying to get it for DS as well, but that’s not happening, I’m not paying more than $150 for a DS game. I can play Ketsui in only one arcade here but they say they’ll never remove it, so at least I get the real arcade experience of it.

Thanks, by the way. I’m a long time member of but forgot about that thread, although, I really want it for SSF4:AE as well since most of the top players are on XBL (notably saying the PS3 has input lag.)

Try the xbox 360 thread