Questions to Udoneko about the SF. Vs MK card games

Hey Erik, I had a few questions on the game which I’d like to ask you, whatever you can answer is much appreciated.

  1. Can you give us any details/hints on the mechanics of the game? Like Rules/Decksize/Types of cards/etc.?

  2. Will the other SF/MK games be showing up in future expansions?

  3. about how big are the sets planned to be?

  4. Is this planned for long term?

  5. Will there be tournies and prize support?

  6. Will You be drawing on other media such as the SF&MK movies/cartoons(Anything but the live action SF PLEASE)

  7. How does the staff feel to draw MK characters? Do any of the staff have a certain liking for a character? Any favorites?

I think that’s enough, anyone else have questions just post in here.

Good questions. I think that about covers what I was wondering.

I actually want to know the SF roster in the card game.

how much will booster packs be? i sure hope its in the $2.50 to $3.50 range. Long ago when I used to play yugioh $5 a pack was pretty steep.

Actually, we are hired to do the art. So the logistics of the cards are not known to us. The one question I can answer is #7 - It is certainly an interesting experience doing the Mk cards. The requirements are kinda… different. Given the nature of MK, its more… mature… more blood, body parts, etc. Something we will never do, or never really gotta do, in the SF artwork. Overall, its fun!

make sure sf(toptier) pwnz mk(low tier)stat wise! :wink:

Hahah any favorites among the MK cast Erik? Any familiarity with the MK franchise in general?

who drew the mostmof mk shit? i kinda like the art on the xbox controlers even though the sf bison pad ownz!