where can i find clocks vids on him being skilled and such. id like to watch as much as i can. ive allreadly seen the ones here. my secound question is, what kind of crazy glitch did clock do to cable!!!?? more importantly, how do u do it. thanks.:smiley:

That’s not a glitch, really. You do it by getting an assit char in a lanucher and repeating it. Because you can’t recover with an assist, you can juggle them till you kill them, also it doesn’t combo, so no damage scaling.

nice.:cool: also, i find my self rushing down with strider. is this a good strad?im allways doing anything i can to be close to my opponent, calling doom in mid-air,getting over them,starting ouro,going into trap etc.i have many different ways and varaitions wih this. is it a good strad?

Yeah, it’s a good idea because Strider can rush down very well. You really should rush alot while playing Strider so you can lock them down.
Not to be an asshole, but you should ask in other threads instead of making new ones for a question, we would be happy to help you:)

o.k. that would work. sorry, i be newb when it comes to message boards. im still learning for the most part.But where can i find more vids of clock whooping?:smiley:

Haha, we were all noobs here at one point. I would say mIRC is the best place to find Clockw0rk videos.

thanks alot. ill go there. i have another question though. how do all of you deal with capcoms aaa assist? my friend was able to completly turn the tables on me with it. i use sent/strider/doom. thanks.:smiley:

You have to adapt to the Capcom assist. First you need to be careful, very careful. Then you will find yourself getting used to the timing they bring him out and what times he can come it and when is their oppertunity to be able to call him out. You have to find ways to do all of those things. Doom counters commando by the way. Once you get all of those down, it’ll be no worry for you. But you still need to be cautious. Hope this helps.

i just realized that i dont use garud breaks. so i sat down to parctice it, than i realized i diddent remember what striders was.
somthing to do with the animals. but how do you perfom this gaurd break?:sweat: thanks.

When they you snap in a character or K.O one and before the next character comes out, call a bird the launch into AC or whatever.

cool thanks.:smiley:

Ahhhh…I’m still a noob, so could you specify the site for “mIRC” please? Thanks. or did you mean what room to go in?

do yaw take advantage of striders double jump

Believe it or not, the doublejump and wall jump are very important to my Strider play. They help me setup stuff, reset, etc. or to just play some mind games.

yea me too. i gotta get the strider and doom combination down. o by the way im new. so wats the best team using magneto?

Well the best team is probably MSP(mag storm psylocke) Then teams like MSS-a (mag storm sent rocketpunch assist) MST (mag storm tron) MSC(Mags Sent Cykes (VERY good team imo because mag sent rp is really good, and so is sent and mags/cykes) and Row (Mag Sent Cable). Those are the main Magneto teams. Also sometimes I like to empty jump towards the opponent then call something like sent drones to make them back off while double jumping backward.

can sumbody explain to me how da hell u do a rushdown.
i dont know how to pull dat shyt off.

QUESTION 1: If you climb the wall, can you call an assist?
How do you move from one wall to the opposite one? It seems that any punch button does nothing but punch. Kick will funny Kung Fu jumping kick from the wall. Up and down allow Strider to move up and down, forward will drop Strider to the ground, and backword does nothing?

QUESTION 2: Between the time Strider is on the wall and the time he reaches the ground, can Strider block?

QUESTION 3: Since my air combo sucks, I was using assist to increase the damage. Does Blackheart assist do more damage than Capcom or is it the opposite way?

QUESTION 4: When your orbs are hitting both your opponent and assist characters, can you snap them and still have the assist on the screen or should I wait for the orb to be gone?

QUESTION 5: Once you call the orb, I was not able to do another super of Strider as long as the Orb was still on. I was also not able to call any super from the assist.

QUESTION 6: Does Strider have an instant overhead? I tried j.LK, but it doesn’t seem to work.

QUESTION 7: How do you teleport above a runaway Storm? I seen it but I was not able to do it.

  1. no assist during spiderman mode. qcf punch i believe.

  2. not sure.

  3. dunno

  4. I don’t think so, in my experience, anything that hits the main character after a snapback will just make them stay on the srceen.

  5. yeah, you can’t do a delayed hyper combo after during the ouroborous state. If you want to use the next super just do his tiger super.

  6. no clue.

  7. no clue how that would work… run away storms sj like they got a rocket up their asses. to my amateurish knowledge, striders teleports are only regular jump height. the only way you could catch her is by sjing as well, or maybe teleport then use your second air jump before she gets to high. other than that, this idiot cant help you.