QUESTON 4 Nortlee


ur ebay name isn’t “mnort01” by any chance? cuz i think i seen u bidding on street fighter comics on ebay a few times


It’s probably a better idea to just send him a Private Message instead of making a thread to ask a personal question.


Indeed it is, rain_ng may remember me aswell, yes I have been going through a phase of back-tracking covers A’s & B’s lately.
& er…I’m just replying Majestros


Indeed I do, the issue 3 Virgin Power cover right? Class Buyer :smiley:


Yep that’s right, thanks:) Class seller too, makes a good team:D



Official forum ebay hugs thread.


Hey how about changing it to a “Street Fighter comic eBayers seekers thread?” That would be cool we could all leave comments for buyers & sellers that we dealt with through eBay for the Sf comics that are members here too & can keep posting up links to any SF comic auctions going so everyone knows LOL!
Actually no too much competition :smiley:



Nortlee i will win the #4 christmas special issue

ya i seen u bid on it


you guys should just cut the middleman and just buy from each other instead of thru ebay lol.


Even if I lose Fizzy, it doesn’t matter, I can get it off someone else off of eBay just cost a bit more, I knew this would have something to do with it somewhere along the line LOL.
BTW Jahnli not quite sure what you mean by middleman.

Nothing like a friendly bit of competition, if I lose i’ll get it somewhere else & i don’t mind paying extra, if not then you’ve lost all for now. You know though it is quite sad how you’ve been out to start dissing me since that SF favourite cover thread. You asked me a question I answered thinking I was helping & you started dissin’, tch.


by all means im not “dissin”

sorry if you thought that was what i was doin

but im just after a friendly competition to get that cover

take no offence from my maniacal laugh

MWAHAHAHAH i will get that cover!!! :):wink:

(yeah im sad)


Ok I guess I took it too far, nah you’re not sad just…erm…something different along with competitive :smiley:


dammit i forgot about the auction

pulls hair out

who ends their auction for a wanted comic at 11:00 pm



Too bad man, well gotta admit I was execting a hectic bidding competition in the last 5 minutes but no show shrugs, & I’ve dealt with many auctions ending at 11pm.


you havent heard the last of me


logsout then goes to gaia forum to annoy someone else


Oh great just don’t harass me at Go-gaia:rolleyes:
& no I haven’t heard the last of you as you’re a regular in this area, d’uh:p