Queston about the Udon release of Kanzaki sf2 manga

Is Udon gonna re-translate it with more accurate dialogue, or are they just gonna collect what Tokuma did and release it in black and white in 2 volumes?

They are going to translate it with more accurate dialog and put in a few things that were cut out from the previous translation like Ryu accidentally touching Chun-Li’s breast lol! And also Masaomi Kanzaki is drawing 3 brand new covers for the volume just for Studio Udon. :lovin: Anyway, in total it’s 3 volumes.

Oh, sweet! I was tired of that “BLANKA BE LORD!!” crap. Although the scene where Chun Li got zapped was awesome. The poses were too good. Also when it was first released here, it skipped an issue. You never saw the first Ken vs Ryu fight. They completely skipped that issue. I finally get to see that fight.

whens it out?

Don’t know for sure but I thiiiink SF2 will start after the SFA manga raps. Volume 2 of the SFA manga is supposed to come out in August. So, sometime after August is the best time table I can give you. Well, Studio Udon’s up to their necks right now between HD ST, E3 and the San Diego Con, so I apologize that I’m not able to give you more legit answers right now ack… :sweat:

…now I have to get these books. I already have the original English translation in comic and trade form, I was gonna skip these because of that.

Because there will be extra content and re-translated text, I now have to get it.

The extra content is the only reason I’ll be considering this decade-old manga…

Fixed for you. I bought the Tokuma release sometime around like '92. You KNOW the japanese release was a while before that.

Not too long before actually; the manga chapters found in issues of Family Computer Magazine were released in volumes through Tokuma Intermedia Comics in Japan as well.