Quiche's request thread


Ok, well, my premium request thread isn’t exactly booming, so I’m opening up requests to normies as well.

here are some samples of my work:


See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein


See Adam Epstein


See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein

(revised 8-17-05)


See Adam Epstein


See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein


See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein Explore Adam Epstein


See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein


See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein Explore Adam Epstein


See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein

That should give you a general idea of what I’m capable of. Please include pics/gifs you want me to use.



Are you taking wallpaper requests as well?


Not unless you want it to look like a piece of crap.




Hey yo, what program are you using to animate your avatars?


Hmm can you make me something? Something with jay and silentbob?.


ShinAkumaX: a freeware piece of shit called GIFFun

monkeyspank: I’m on it.





OK spanks. I’m sorry.

I can’t think of anything good to do with that pic.

Do you have any more pics? It’s hard to do animations with only 1 pic.

Also, do you have any preference about what I do with it? Your avs are so hot, I don’t wanna make you wear a piece of shit for 2 weeks just cuz you were kind enough to hit my request thread…

Man, times like this I wish there was a Jay & Silent Bob GBA game I could rip sprites from (there isn’t one, is there?)



Hmm then hows about a ren and stimpy av?


Now that’s something I can do.

I’ve got some Ren & Stimpy sprites, and I’ve got a pretty good idea for your av. I should finish it tomorrow.



Here you go, spanks. hope ya like it:



Thank you man…sorry i didnt respond sooner, my net has gone down for about a week :(.



I know someone else wants a kickass animated avatar…



yes i do :slight_smile:

animated ipod AV i think it would be cool if u use sakura dancing sprite for it




here is the pic


i would like you to change the pentagram and all the symbols and everything white, and make the background black. i want my name(bigpoppa) above it. i would like my name to look like its on fire, and to have the flames animated, if possible. also if possible i would like for you to put blood dripping from the bottom of the circle. it isnt necessary

for the size, i would like it as big as your avatar



2 problems with that.

#1: I dunno how to do fancy photoshop effects like fire.

#2: You can’t have a premium-size avatar unless you’re a premium member.



Hey do u think u can make me a Ganondorf Avatar with a Sunoco logo on it? i want some animated stuff for the sunoco loco if u can. something like making a shine or changing colors or anything cool u can think of. here are some pictures u can use. anything is cool just need ganondorf and a Sunoco logo.





i can pay for premium if u want to make it bigger. thx a lot in advance


quiche, just wanted to let you know that ytwojay will be making my av. cause i found a different pic i wanted and already sent to him, so you dont have to make mine



That’s ok. Since your request was invalid, I wasn’t making it anyway.

And Sunoco, I’m not promising much, cuz there’s not much to work with, but I’ll do your av (prolly on tuesday, if you can wait)