Quick 11/29 SVGL results

MvC2 didn’t get enough people, and nobody showed up for any other games, so we just ran a little 12 man CvS2 tournament. Still more than I expected though.

1st: Ricky Ortiz - K- Sagat/Cammy/Blanka2
2nd: John Choi - C- Ken/Cammy/Guile/Ryu/Sagat2
3rd: Oliver “Tricky T” Tavas - C- Ken/Cammy/Sagat2
4th: Eric Leezy - K - Kim/Morrigan/Cammy2, C-Ryu/Ken/Kim2

Pretty fun tourney. A handful of dudes from out of town (I think) showed up, but they left before I got a chance to talk with them. Seemed like nice enough guys though. Me and Kim both tied for 5th like the top players we are.


-First game of winner’s finals, Choi’s ratio 1 C-Ken beats Ricky’s whole team in like 40 seconds. Pure beasting. I think he guard broke AND dizzied every character Ricky had. Level 2’s were landed like every 10 seconds, and at the end of the match Ken is still at 80%. Nobody got it on tape though.

-Leezy’s R2 C-Kim vs Oliver’s R2 C-Sagat. Everybody is joking around like “OH SHIT DON’T LET KIM HIT YOU”, then like 2 seconds later Leezy lands the Kim infinite and takes the second game. Nobody got that on tape either.

-Random game freezing glitch happened in tourney. Again.

-Grand finals, last game of the first set, Ricky’s K-Sagat beats up Choi’s first 2 characters real quick, then takes a big chunk off of Sagat too before dying. Choi’s Sagat kills Cammy in like 10 seconds, then gets Blanka all the way down to 5%. Choi’s Sagat has 0%. Both are all the way across the screen from each other, Ricky’s raged, and Choi is throwing HELLA FIREBALLS. Ricky takes a couple fireballs and blocks a few to get all the way down to 0%, then finally gets within striking range of Choi. Choi blocks Blanka low short and alpha counters (to stall and for the mix up on wake up)… but Ricky blocks the alpha counter and punishes to take the first set. Ricky eventually wins the second set and wins the tourney.

damn, i’m so good, first match I freeze the game, and narrowly win, having to beat r2 gat with r1 ken

second match, i’m too shitty to time custom activation on wakeup and choi fierces me in the face instead of me taking game 1. Losing ensues from there

third match, I just lose cause i get bored and do nothing but roll uppercut

But I own ricky’s p-groove team

LOL yeah, that was me playing R2 Sagat when that shit froze, kinda threw things off and was weird to restart, and go back to the same characters we had left. Good games though to all I played, I had fun and will go back to SVGL for more practice/competition. Saw some insane combos, and learned a lot of shit just from being there and watching those guys play. I wanted to see the finals (Ricky vs Choi) but we had to get some food, still had a good time.