Quick 9/18 results for Chicago biweekly


1st:Tony D(johhnycakes)-Necro
2nd:Juicy G-Urien/yun
3rd:Kris W(Chi-Gui)-Ken

cvs2 never finished. But George and Kennywood play in the winner final and kenny won 1-0.he then forfeits and everyone forgets.

ggxx #reload:

1st:Elven shadow-Faust
2nd:Ukyo tachibana-Sol/Zappa
3rd: Aric(Chrono sabre)-Zappa


1st:Tony D-St Fei long
2nd:ChiGui-Hf Ken
3rd:Juicy G-Hf ryu


1st:juicy G:Santhrax
2nd:Tony k-Row
3rd:Sergio valadez(player unknown)-Mss

aric played slayer… hahah zappa wtf…

Go kennywood, we holding it down, all the way from cali my nukka

Doesn’t matter if he played Zappa or not. Zappa owns, regardless! Low Tier = Divine Punishment

wtf? either MSP or Santhrax…tourney was huff, btw.

hey don’t blame that shit on me…blame it on ppl who consistently decides to show up late.

Hold That Shit Down Kenny!!!