Quick and Dirty SF3 Videos

Be amazed at my amatuer editing skills. Be astounded by my abuse of the “dissolve” transition. In any case, I just wanna see what you non-SF3 forum peeps think of my little videos.

The new vid can be found here:
http://s51.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1IOU9L504OOPT12SABW9G8ORUA (29mb)
http://s28.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1MRIX5LBQS1MR2ETRFN6878W51 (16mb)

2nd vid is the same deal as the first. Made quickly from a recipe that calls for a handfull of Urien combos, some goofy stuff for flavour, and a bit of DANGER! sprinkled on top. The song featured is mp3 I found on my HD (Mega_Man_X3_HouseHornet_OC_ReMix.mp3)

My PC is going bananas. The sound was screwing up. It would crash everytime I tried to preview while editing. Argh. I also noticed now that it’s done that it doesn’t look so hot fullscreen. :frowning: Sorry.

Anyhow, If the link dies, post up and I’ll renew.

1st vid can be found here:
http://s51.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3HMO1FT0VJF8P20C5O6DL9FKIJ (28mb)
http://s28.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=27BTG49DPIYSO3DV5TOFLZWRAT (17mb)

not bad not bad…

very very good video. is fun and outstanding. better than a lot of so call 3rd strike combos videos.

good job bro it was entertaining and educational. wanna make it not quick and a bit clean? :smiley:

Good work. Love that MP3, have it on a CD somewhere. I really liked this vid, it was very funny to watch and wasn’t for just pure entertainment value. I’d love to see more vids down the road :clap: :tup:

Good stuff, keep up the good work.

Was expecting garbage, left pleasantly surprised. Nice vids dude. :tup:

After your first vid, I knew you had some unique stuff and wouldn’t waste our time. WTF was the deal with the Chun vs. Dudley? Chun pulls SAII, gets blocked, then the last hit does like 40% damage? Anyway, much improved over your last one. The Urian vs. Dudley ones were sweet. Great use of Aegis! Well done.

I’m glad it was filled with useful stuff, I had no idea q’s sa3(?) had those uses but I don’t know much about 3s.

Alot of REAL comboes, not 90% aegis/fireball interrupt comboes.

Interesting use of dudley’s cross.

Really great.

Wow, I’m glad you guys liked it so much. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Chun vs Duds: Dudley does reversal EX cross-counter against the last kick of SAII.

My favorite part is the completely accidental morphing of pink Dudley throwing a rose into red Q throwing a Ken. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun stuff and aptly named.

Interesting use of jump canceled SA3. Great music choice as well. Good watching overall.

Cool vid, can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.

Well I enjoyed both of the vids, keep up the great work.

cool shit man

See… now why can’t people make combo videos like this… I hate those shits with glitches and shit, like if that’s even a combo. All I know is if someone froze my game in the middle of a match, I would beat the shit out of them, then cut open…

Sweet combo video man :slight_smile:

Thanks for the praise fellas… but I seriously probably would have glitches and whatnot in there if I knew of any I haven’t seen before. lol. Can you even really call these “combo videos”? There’s only like 4 combos in the vid. It’s mostly just exhibition stuff. I was just trying to put in stuff that I haven’t seen in vids before to try and be fresh and entertaining. …and to spread the ownage that is DANGER!

Best super ever. For real. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, great stuff.

I am so sick of seeing 3S vids that are nothing but stun juggles and weird situations that will never happen.

Looking forward to the next one.

Keep up the good work Drunken Master. Got any plans for the next vid yet?

Very nice.

I’m a huge Q fan, so you basically had me at hello. :rofl:

Anyway, great job, and I’m looking forward to number 3.