Quick and dirty video

I’m playing around with my new PC and last night I made this…


Some combos and goofy stuff, nothing special. Just thought I’d post up.

I wanna learn this video editing stuff, but I’m a total n00b. (As you will see from my ghetto editing skill displayed in the vid :)) Can anyone suggest some editing programs and stuff? Tutorials maybe?


I liked the bit with Oro’s air chicken setup, though in a real match you would just ground parry into the standard combo. Still, it was fancy shmancy and you used my colour. :slight_smile:

I use Adobe Premiere. CV has a video editing forum, you should check it out if you’re really interested.


I gotta say

That was pretty decent. Way better than a lot of other vids.

Where are you from?

It’s all about the fancy shamncy right? :slight_smile: Rocket uppper is the hole-iest blocked super ever… I would infer from that, that it is the worst chip super ever too i guess.

There’s no sound at that part BTW because the sound desynced and I have no idea how to fix it. :confused:

I have heard of premiere. That’s like THE shit isn’t it? I will check it out (I’ve also heard that you have to be rich to buy it). I will also check out CV’s forums. Thanks for the heads up.

EDIT: Thanks for the props Emphy…

I am Canadian BTW. Where are you? Err… DOUBLE EDIT: I’m finding lots of Premier resources. Looks like I’ve got a lot of learning to be at. A LOT. Might be fun?

Song in the vid is “Cover Me” by Bjork.

Crazy Vid! Me Likee :clap:

who was the artist/song for the music in the video?

I liked the timing on “GO!”

not bad at all… good video.

im also learning how to use premiere, so chapter 1 wont be out for a while.

It got removed, can you upload it again?

done and done. :slight_smile:

Nice stuff…
Keep improving your editing skills …