Quick Art dump

I finally got around to inking this. Still some tweaking to be done.

Got inspired to do this one after watching endless Tinkerbell vids with my niece. Still a WIP

Something cute. :blush:

Medusa pic cracked me up. love it!
Tinkerbell one caught me by surprise as I scrolled the page.
Monkey pic is awesome. Can I make some suggestions? I like the really fine line you’ve got on the sword, would love to see a little more of that on the cloth areas. Also the pointy area on its left upper arm looks strange. I get that it’s meant to be semi-stiff cloth, but that shape implies that there’s something under that material.

great stuff. post more :slight_smile:

The Medusa drawing is funny, but how you got from watching Tinkerbell to Tinkerbell getting ate is even more funny.

Rook: thanks for the suggestions. You bring up a very good point about the clothing folds in the arm.

AOS: It’s very easy to think up of some imaginative ways to do away with Tinkerbell while sitting through a Tinkerbell marathon with a bunch of kids. :rofl:

wow - looks nice

Finally colored the Zombie condo. Still needs some tweaks.<br><br><img src="

"><br>Edit: Okay how do you post pics on this new forum?? <br> :(<br><br><img src=“http://i1338.photobucket.com/albums/o689/voodazzed/zombie9_zps3860b105.jpg”><br><br><br>

Managed to rescue this file from my now dead old lap top. Added some tweaks, not sure where to go with it.<br><br><img src=“http://i1338.photobucket.com/albums/o689/voodazzed/rider_revisitGray_zpsd2639fc1.jpg”><br>

Man you have a sick style… In love with it haha. Love how you colored the tinkerbell pic as well.

Impossibear vs Plumthulu
Bravest Warriors, ya’ll!

African warrior elf dude. Why not?


Tattoo design for a friend of mine in exchange for a free Costco membership. lol

One of my first clumsy steps into the world of digital painting. Yeah, I know there’s a hundred things wrong with it, but cut me some slack. :stuck_out_tongue: