Quick Av Request southtownking

:karate: Yo Could i have an av of this picture and this geese animation of his throwing his air fireball Geese on the left and the “Earth last stand” on the right so it looks like he did it simple, right! With “STK” and the bottom also can u add a animation or something to the background to give it that FIRE!!!:karate:

thanks in advance

also if this is the wrong animation let me know and ill get the right one"Some times my computer dont show animations" never get a Packerd Bell!!!



Why do all the new av requests look like this?

*Gramatically Lacking Text xx Unintelligible Instructions! The 1~2 combo for artists to ignore your request!

*Asking to make the bg “glow” or “shimer” (shimmer?) or “have that fire!” (WTF?)

*a bunch of big pics.

I absolutely will not take any requests that look like this.
(I’m looking at you, NyuuSentouryoko, IroppoiGirl, and Southtown’King!)


Im sorry i just told u what i wanted i dont know how i afended u but if its to much 4 u to srink my pic to 160x64 and paste my animation and Type STK the please dont touch my request leave it to the big boys.

Yeah bitch, leave it to the big boys.

pwned :sad:


ehy quiche can make a av with ryu and ken and akuma and with a bg that glow wit shimer and o yea make have that fire!

i would post big pics but i make u look for them urself.:party: :tup:

Sorry i know my request wasnt extream next time i write like this “Hay can some one make me a Avatar With this geese Animation one the Left And this pic mostly on the right Sorry 4 the big pic but is was the only one i can find shouldnt be that bad cause i know you can resize it also can u make the background pretty” thanks Sorry that yall dont like slang but speeking proper all day i have to let loose sometime:xeye:

:lame: so does this mean no one will do my av i mean come on r yall serious?

Yes. W’all srs.

I notice everyone started hating on the shimmer and big flame shit when that zandwhich guy posted that useless topic. I guess this should’ve been said earlier.

Make your own avatars, if i can do it. you can do it. If you dont have photoshop, then use paint.

Thats fine dont animated the background the geese is already animated just paste tthe 2 and pass it my way please!..dont $get STK in white at the bottom


u missed the point lol. It has nothin to do with slang. But it don’t matter cuz someone accepted ur request.:tup:

whaa…? someone accepted it?

by the way, that revision you did, saying how you’ll ask for the av next time, was still plagued by typos and gramatical boo boos.

Try ending a sentence with one of these: .


Yeah… whaa??? someone accepted the request? who? O_o

oops. nvm.

Who ever accepted the request Thank You. Just let me know where to pick it up.

WOW. your av is sick nas. Hella tight.

No one accepted your avatar smart one.