Quick Av Request

hey guys can i get a che av?

i just ask that its premium size
thanks in advance

Here ya go bro:
i hope thats ok, np dude


koopa, your current av is one of my favourites on srk. as are your cable tech ones lalo (interesting, detailed and good colour combo 9/10 lol). Dont retire it for too long koopa

mullah do you listen to comeback kid?
dg made this a while back and it just came out well
you have to look at it closely to get whats going on
hey i just realized that i didnt ask for anything else in that av
honestly lalo would you mind making it more detailed
i know you turn out great work and i’d like to see you apply your style to a che picture
if its too much ill ask someone else
thanks in advance


Well you ask for a quick avatar thats why i didnt add anything to it haha but here it is dude:
hopefully thats ok, np dude


nah man, i had no idea who comeback kid are, i asume a band now?! i just liked your avatar. looks like some kid had beef with gay ol’ urien and pulled kano’s death move on him!


here this is teh original album cover from the punk/hardcore band Comeback kid
i basically just asked dg to do something wit ck and urien…he came up wit the rest

and lalo wow man that is an amazing piece of work.
i will be rotating this av wit my current one
thanks a bunch man it is great.