Quick Beginner Question



Pretty new to Spencer and been having this problem when I do a combo and try to follow up with bionic bomb , are you suppose to do a tiger knee motion in the air or as I see some people do it landing first then doing it is that the correct way?

Also how do you do another combo after you land the Wire Grapple H in the air ?


Well you can continue with the bomber either way in the corner. You can:
A) Launch, and quickly sj.M, sj.H, sj.S pause for a short moment xx Bomber. Just make sure you hit em with sj.S around the peak of your super jump.
B) Launch, MMHS (but make sure you space out each hit as far as you can possibly delay them) Land, jump/TK bomber.

Theres a lot of options to continue the air H Grapple OTG in the corner. I would stick to doing:

A) j. H grapple, pause, Zipline down, land, armor piercer, Maneuvers. This option is good for late in a combo when you’ve really built up a ton of hit stun. Another variant of this follow up is to Grapple, pause, Zipline down, land, s.M + Assist Call, Armor piercer, etc. Players like yipes do this often bc with certain assists (ie Vergil’s Rapid Slash) you’ll be able to follow up after the armor piercer with another UVG.

B) Grapple, j.S (Right before you hit the ground and land), UVG, etc. This is probably the easiest followup, just keep in mind that you’ll only hit it in the earlier half of your combo before hit stun kicks in. Otherwise they’ll flip out after the falling j.S.

c) Grapple, slight pause, zip downforward, zip downback, land, UVG, etc. This is your best option bc it nets you an UVG and you can do it even at the end of long combos, regardless of the amount of hitstun accumulated.

Midscreen your options to follow up the grapple arent as strong:
A) Grapple, land, Bionic arm. Simple, classic.
B) Grapple, Zip DF, j.S, land, launch, etc. Make sure you Tiger knee the grapple, that way the j.S after the zip DF stuns for longer making the combo easier to follow up. I generally dont go for this when I grapple at the max distance from my opponent.
C) Grapple, Zip DF, land, s.M, Launch (or Armor piercer xx Bionic arm if you’re close enough to the corner). I found that doing the zip DF as soon as Spencer recovers from the OTG grapple so that the opponent kind of lands on the zipline makes this follow up more consistent.


I have vergil on my team with rapid slash do you have a video to see exactly what he does with the assist , also sometime when I grapple t overshoots is that the timing or where the character lands ? and whats a UVG?


I’d like to point out that the midscreen follow ups to grapple, the df.Zipline into (j.S, st.M), is quite inconsistent. I’ve yet to find out the exact timing for every range. I’ve seen people like Knifes drop it regularly too. Mind you they’re playing tournaments, so I guess that just makes me a scrub.

Remember that after you grapple someone, the opponent takes quite a while to recover. So you can simply wait for your opponent to fall further down to the ground. The reason your tw.Zipline shoots over your opponent is probably because you’re doing it immediately after recovering from the grapple.

All the information you’re looking for is easily accessible ( day 1 stuff), so I’m going to tell you to find it yourself. There will be plenty of other useful things you’ll pick up doing that.