Quick c.viper combo question


wats the input to do c.mp-> ultra? i cant get it to work or at least rarely.


My experience to Viper is limited to doing the hard trials, so I pretty much don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re best asking in the Viper character forum to know for sure.

That said, I’m guessing c.mp doesn’t have enough hit stun to do a thunder knuckle cancel to ultra, since c.hp only gives you a few frames to do the cancel. So, I imagine it’s a super jump cancel. So basically, down + mp, up roll he stick to up forward, then very quickly another fireball motion + PPP.

:d: :mp: :df: :r: :uf: :qcf: :3p:

The trick is you can’t linger on the first :d: command, or the super jump won’t come out.

Again, or so I’m guessing.


Many different ways:
:d: :mp: :df: :r: :uf: :qcf: :3p:
:qcf: :d: :df: :mp: :r: :uf: :3p:
:qcf: :uf: :d: :df: :mp: :r: :uf: :3p:
:mp::qcf::uf::u::ub::l::db::qcf::uf: :3p:


Just choose a method you’re most comfortable with


Note that this isn’t easy. It’s timing specific and especially hard on pad. You might not be able to do it depending on your execution/skill level/experience/whatever.


[:d::mp:]:df::r::qcf::uf: :3p: is the method I use. Comes out pretty consistently for me with that method.


thanks guys, this is alot easier than i thought it would be. :tup: