Quick Combo tournament standard?

One of the system changes in SFxT v2013 was that every character’s quick combo Preset 1 is now blank, and the old Preset 1 is assigned to Preset 2. This means that by default, LK+HP no longer activates a quick combo, but LP+HK does. However, this can be changed by going to the customize menu and setting both quick combo slots to Preset 1. Setting both slots to Preset 1 makes it so that quick combos no longer work at all.

Aside from unfortunate input mistakes, this change does have an impact on the game from a competitive perspective. The prime example is Hwoarang, who regains the ability to option-select throw techs with his Flamingo stance (1LP+KKK). This worked by default in prior versions because his Preset 2 could not be used while crouching. However, the new Preset 2 can be used while crouching, which takes away his ability to use this tactic (with meter) without making changes in the customize menu.

What should the tournament standard be?

IMO everyone else has had to deal with quick combos as-is … guess it’s Howrong’s turn.

Why would they not set both quick combos to preset 1, which disables all quick combos. Tourney machines can save data, right? Took me like 3 minutes to change the entire roster quick combos to Preset 1 on both Quick Combo I and II slots, no more quick combos…

Did not know this could be done. That makes a lot more sense.

That’s what I was suggesting in my post. Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

Shout outs to myself for being dr. Grammar’s guinea pig and finding this awesome tech :cool:

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Quick combos should be turned off except for Hwo. Hwo OS tech is a broken mechanic, and doesn’t deserve to be usable.

I agree that they should be removed. It’s really annoying when you accidentally activate them!

I just reset everyone’s Quick Combos to be blank. Choirs sang over the vast amounts of meter that were spared. It should be the tournament standard. All of the OS stuff that comes out of it will probably enhance the game in some fashion.