Quick Combos?

Are people using these in tournament? These seem super cheap, but are they an integral part of the game?

I’m afraid to commit to this game only to see people fall back on to SSFIV: AE (which I prefer).

I don’t think it would be a benefit to use them in a tourny, it uses a section of your gauge just to do a combo.

There should be an option to disable it, I’m so used to go for kara throws using heavy attacks or plink the heavy attacks with jabs/shorts and all I get is seeing my character go for a retarded combo, uses meter and get my ass punished.

Don’t even use this, it’s dumb.

Now that everyone has seen the dlc, what do you guys think of the combo editor that should be released soon? Most focus was on the characters but their was a lot of dlc on the disc this being one of them. I think custom combos shouldn’t be used in tournament play, I played around with it and setting any combo to buttons just seems cheap.

Is there really no way to disable it? :frowning:

i like that it makes it so you can’t kara throw with fierce or RH

Imo this is the only thing that really needs to be patched so you can disable these altogether if you don’t want to use them. It fucks up plinks ,kara throws and I don’t even want to use Akuma becuase of this dumb shit.

These stupid combos are part of the reason i switched to stick from 360 analog. I lost 1 too many games accidentally pushing down on the stick and proceeding to get my ass handed to me. Really hope they patch it so there is an option to disable these…

You can disable the sticks from activating quick combos in button config. But they’ll still activate if you press hp lk or hk lp.

wow thanks, i had no idea >.>

They are annoying and worthless! Did we really need a two button input for LP, MP, HP, HP?

The most annoying part is they overlap with kara-throws and the demon input. They don’t help, they only hurt.