Quick concern about my new HRAP4 Kai


Hey TT,

So I received my Kai in the mail yesterday and proceeded to hop on USF4 PC and mash around a bit to get used to it. I had to reassign everything in button config, and when I assigned everything to the “default” buttons (jab strong fierce 3p/short forward roundhouse 3k) the buttons they were showing didn’t seem to make much sense. I am a little fearful that the default wiring on the buttons isn’t the “default” layout. For instance I have no idea what “RY axis down” is for my 3k button. I just want to be sure that when I plug it into a ps4 i wont have to always reassign EVERYTHING, as every other stick I’ve owned when plugged it in was laid out in typical fashion automatically. Here are some screenshots that might help explain what I’m saying. Thanks a lot!


Keep in mind that these sticks are designed with the console in mind, and having them “work” on a PC is a bonus.

It’ll work just fine on your PS4. It’s just the way the PC sees things.


Also all the versions of Street Fighter IV on the PC has been fickle with arcade sticks and game pads.
If you having issues with button assignments reading as analog values, switch your PS4 stick to PS3 mode

Keep in mind the PC game expects a Game Pad not a Arcade Stick. Very few PC games are made with sticks in mind.


Just tested this out with my HRAP4 Kai and I can see the difference. The button layout in control panel -> set usb game controller shows 1 ~ 13 for button in PS3 mode. Pandamoniumz this method should work for you.


Umm I’m planing to get the HRAP4 Kai to play USF4 and SF5 on PC the most. Anything I should be worry about?