Quick connectivity questions (Neutrik)

Had a quick question, I hacked a pair of Madcatz fight pads for my 2 MAS sticks (360). Its a real pain in the ass dealing with the cable and such so I wanted to throw a Neutrik in there. I am not ready to Cthulhu or imp it so I was thinking of just nipping the USB cable from the PCB and using some extra USB cables from work to make a connection to go to the Neutrik inside and also extend the cable a bit for the outside. Is this the way to go?

The other thing would I guess to use a Cat 5 cable Neutrik, I think you can use cat 5 for USB cabling? You know usb be to the Neutrik then out to a USB cable terminated with a Cat 5 connection is what I meant.

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everything you mentioned is fine the neutrik is just a port it can be used for anything up to 8 wires and cat 5 is fine for short term I do not suggest it for long term the quality is not there no shielding just try and keep them shorter the better just in case of interference

oh and be sure to keep the wires separate usb ports are easy to burn out

Got it, I just thought If I Imp’d/Chilhu’d it later I wouldn’t need to add an additional Neutrik if I went with Cat 5 now. I would only use the cat 5 connector at the end of the shielded usb cable to connect to the neutrik. I think you can do that.

Cat5 is a type of cable. RJ45 is a type of plug. I’m just saying this to clear up terminology.

Yes, you can solder four of the wires from an Cat5 cable to a 360 PCB and then connect the RJ45 plug at the end into a Neutrik RJ45 passthrough. I’d recommend soldering White/green to ground(Black USB wire), White/blue to Data- (White USB wire), orange to Data+ (Green USB wire) and Brown to VCC (Red USB wire). I recommend this so that when you make the RJ45 USB cable, it will match the one needed if you use this method: RJ-45 MC Cthulhu+ IMP+ Xbox 360 Dual Mod Tutorial Diagram

However, no, you do not use Cat5 for USB cabling to the system. You cut a USB cable open and crimp on an RJ45 plug, which is why the two are different. Use this guide: RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2
If you soldered the colors I recommended, you can crimp on an RJ45 to a USB cable, as in the guide. That way, when you do mod it with MCC and Imp, you don’t have to make a new USB cable.

Why are you using a RJ-45 Neutrik, when all you need is a USB Neutrik? You don’t need a RJ-45 crimper that way.

I would note the wire order of the USB out cable. draw where black, white, green and red are.

Desolder the cable and clean the holes.

Cut your UBS cable to be about 1 foot. Strip the wires off the cute end.
Solder the wires to your PCB.

Drill a 24 or 15/16 hole in your stick for the USB Neutrik. Also need to drill smaller holes for the corners.

Hook up the inner and out USB.

I dont really care for the Neutrik usb adapters they don’t have the Ne8mc adapters that snap into neutrik ne8fdp for a much more stable/stronger connection also
he mentioned he is using it for a multi mod with the Cthulhu eventually and will need more than 4 wires from usb besides you can get a decent Rj45 crimper on ebay $5 shipped from ebay

I was going to cut the usb cable and just solder the new cable on the connectors under the PCB, there is a lot of glue on the cable side and I was afraid of hosing the board.

you should use some flux to the solder point if you are soldering or desoldering from the board its helps a lot to make sure you don’t burn out a trace

You can do it solder less with a eurostyle terminal. Just cut the usb cable 6 - 10 inches away from the pcb, strip and resplice the original 4 wires individually.

This was the other way I was going to do it. RosserRooster explained why I wanted more why I wanted to go Rj45, really for future use. Thanks guys, I think I got it from here.

Hey guys one last thing, I saw in another post you need to mount the Neutrik using plexi of mounting to thick wood. Why is that? Are the screws too small to go into the wood?

it depends on how thick the wood is usually you need to counter sink it
you can purchase longer screws

Its 3/4" MDF from a MAS.

When you buy the neutrik rj45 and see how it all screws together you will understand. The plate and the jack are separate pieces that require a panel be no more than 3mm thick for the release button to work proper.

that’s important if you use the connectors if you are just using rj45 jacks you can get away with putting them in a thicker case

I think I see now, its 2 parts. What is that little tab labeled “push”

Also found these, look like they could be less of a pain in the ass:



that button is for these

I love them and use them on all my sticks so the model you showed is fine if you dont use the plugs linked above