Quick Connects


Hey guys.
I make this topic after doing a brief search on google / this site.
Got 3/4 of my arcade stick parts in today (TEK case,Buttons,Wiring…etc.)
So i ordered the 110 Quick connects off LL they slid onto my buttons about halfway im assuming thats good enough But my real question is how do these and the wires come together yeah as simple as it should be im lost.
And i dont have my madkatz stick to take a good look at the wiring ATM.
So what is the process of attaching the wire to the quick connect im sure u don’t just slide the wire in lol.


You need to strip some wire off the ends, loop them over, insert into QD, and crimp em tight and make sure they dont fall out.


You need to strip the wires, and then crimp it.

Minimally, you’d like these:


Good old cheap Radioshack wire strippers will strip and crimp. Best thing to do is this:


Silde the stripped wire(s) into place. First crimp the red section to secure the wire in place. Then crimp the green section to relieve the strain.

Unless if you’re cool like me and have ratcheting crimpers, then you only have to crimp once. But those are expensive. If you’re like jdm714, then you’re mad cool and have super expensive ratcheting crimpers. :lovin:

Oh! Also, it’s worth mentioning that madcatz sticks use open-barrel terminals, so they are nothing quite like what you get from lizardlick. But I like open-barrel. The crimpers for those are just expensive, and ratcheting crimpers for open barrel terminals are even more so expensive :sad: But they look so good with the vinyl sleeves!

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Thanks for the help Now when you say loop what am i looping into?


@ Nerrage
Thanks for the whole diagram and everything very helpful let me look around the house / garage and see i could locate suck a tool.
If im not mistaken though you can use like regular pliers to apply the pressure correct?
And i know i have a wire stipper around here somewhere (thanks mom for working @ verizon)


You could use pliers, but after a while, it’ll be killer on your hands. Here’s what he means by looping over the wire, and with pictures:

Start with wire.

Strip wire.

This much length should be good:

Now bend it (“loop over”).

Slip into Quick disconnect (Note that the copper is touching the metal of the Quick Disconnect)

Time to crimp. I only do once, because I have ratcheting crimpers.

All crimped. But I should have probably done it at a different angle. Most people like it when the crimp lines line up with the Female lugs. But, I wasn’t thinking :sad:

Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Thank you so much nerrage what an excellent post picture by picture there’s no way I cant understand the process now!!!
thanks so much will also give you credit in my final build video when everything is all done!
i tried looking for a happy reaction face in my folder to post but sadly all i have are a bunch of upset / u mad ones lol
but you get the point this seriously was very helpful!


You’re welcome. :wgrin:

Cool! Feature in video.

Good luck with your stick!


I taught him everything he knows.

You don’t know me, but I’m Tech Talk.


Yes, he taught me everything. His post would have been more awesome.


In regards to a crimper i will be dropping by home depot tomorrow i see one that has holes similar to yours but it lacks the function of stripping as well but i see another that strips and crimps… but it looks like its for thicker cables.

Commercial Electric Ratchet Crimp Tool - CE70802 at The Home Depot

Klein Tools Ratcheting Modular Crimper/Stripper - VDV226011SEN at The Home Depot


Ah the infamous “Laugh” JDM
I browse tech talk everyday
You have a strawberry Sanwa ball top that I envy
I know quite much about you
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Cool! Ratcheting Crimpers! jdm714 would be proud (if they costed a heap). That’s alike to what I have. It will crimp both at once, and will also take a lot of strain off of your hands.

But you don’t want either of those. They don’t do insulated Quick disconnects. Those are for RJ-45/Coaxial cables and such.


Just adding in, but I never do a good job crimping since I dont have the correct tools, so I use solder in my quick disconnects as well.

JDM and Nerrage are top notch, ggpo.


Thanks for that but honestly ATM the idea of soldering scares me… since ive never touched it
Applying pressure to something sounds a lot easier IMO.
Eventually i will have to pick up a solder iron though for this sparky board that should be coming in soon.


Screen shot 2011-01-24 at 9.55.27 PM.png

Would the crimping tool that Nerrage suggested be ideal for this as well
Or should i just use pliers
i imagined that he is using pliers in place of crimps because he dosen’t have some on hand and the pliers did the job just as well ?


pliers are just fine…
a little overkill on the fine art of connecting disconnects but yes… you can use pliers.


I am not using pliers. I am using ratcheting crimpers.

Really, you don’t NEED a crimper, you can use pliers or whatever will crush the barrel and then once more on the outside. You could get by just fine with these: RadioShack 8.5" 4-Way Crimping Tool - RadioShack.com They cut and strip wires, too, so extra useful!


Thanks for that guys but Seeing as to how i got a gift card for homedepot that i thought would never be put to use
Why not right?
Ill pick up that first crimping tool i posted some more Wiring because i didn’t order as much as i thought i did on LL
And a nice stripper
Any solder iron Recommendations while im at it or any other arcade hobbyist tools of the trade
if anyone is up to that it would be appreciated i plan to be building a couple of sticks in the future asides from my current project, and dont want to hear my fathers nagging from using his tools


I had a good list of modding tools in http://shoryuken.com/f177/dual-modding-101-a-262969/

Post three, Chapter 7.

But it doesn’t include crimpers. Don’t get the crimpers you posted. Get “Insulated Quick disconnect” crimpers of some sort that support 22 AWG.

Actually, if you look for that type of thing in the one I posted, that model of wire cutter/strippers/crimpers are so common, you could probably find at Home Depot.