Quick Digimon Ava

I usually go to GuMz for Avatars but since he isn’t good/doesn’t like doing animations (no beef, he says him self he doesn’t like/can’t do animations to well.)

So, I’m making a seperate thread for it. I also requested a Digimon Avatar in GuMz thread, but, this is with a different picture. So, no disrespect to GuMz as an AV maker, or IMM forums in general. I’ve been flamed for my conduct in the past, trust me.

Any ways.

This is the picture I want: http://s107.photobucket.com/albums/m313/StuartHayden/?action=view&current=Calumon.gif

If you can make his gem on his for head flash/glow and make some crazy back ground and the avatar saying “Digi-Modified” or “Going Digital” that’d be excellent.



I’ma give this a go… but don’t go expecting much, 'cause I have no idea what I’m going to do with this. :sweat:


Thanks for taking up my request.

No worries man. Take your time. I’m sure it’ll look cool.

No rush man.



Soz, was away during the weekend.
Turned out a nightmare… :confused: Couldn’t fit what I really wanted to do in the size format.

Made this… don’t feel obliged to use it though :smiley:
Maybe someone else can come up with something cooler…

Will have a play with it again later maybe…


or maybe something like this? :confused:


Nice looking av. good work on it :tup:

Holy shit.

I love both of those.


WOW. the second one is sick. dub, you should make your own request thread. seriously.

^ Co-Sign.


first one is dope nice wif teh animations fam

the best ones are always so modest.