Quick disconnect parts naming


so I know quick disconnects usually have several parameters in it, one of them is the width of the connector, the ones I usually need are .110 or .187, but the other parameter I want to know is the width of the wire holder, where does it define the width of the wire holder?

when I look for quick disconnect parts, the labeling usually has this dash numbering like 22-16, 16-14, what does it mean?


That’s the gauge of the wire that you can use that part with. The higher the number the smaller the gauge (thinner). Also, check if the wire is solid or stranded.


what is the width of wires we usually use in arcade sticks? I used some leftover wires I found in my toolbox and I have no idea what kind of wires they are.


22AWG stranded is the recommended type of wire to be used.


22 awg stranded wire works with the best results.

solid wire is a bit stiff so more prone to breaking.

Really any stranded 22 to 26 will work, anything higher than 26 becomes way too thin to work with (with a few exceptions, such as PS4 pad hacking) and 20 gauge wire is already too thick.
Also the standard selection for crimp connectors are really made for 20-24 gauge wire anyways, and 22awg wire is some of the most common wire out there.

You also want wire in as many colors as you can as color coding your wires really helps in wiring a stick.


I think I got the wrong type quick disconnect


bought this from local shop and they don’t accept returns…
is it possible to use this kind of quick disconnect? I tried to goolge how to crimp, but all the video on youtube are blurry and unwatchable. can I still make use of these somehow?


Those are fine, though the better quality ones have metal going all the way up the plastic sheath. You can attempt crimping them with basic pliers but I’d recommend getting a dedicated tool… something like this will save you a lot of elbow grease:



so how far should I strip my wires? do I inert the wire sheath too or only the bare wire go into the connector?


Strip the wire as far as you like, I normally do about 5mm and then fold it back over the wire sheath to give it some extra strength.

Yes - insert the wire sheath into the crimp sheath, make sure the exposed wire is in contact with the metal part of the quick disconnect or it won’t work.


is there any picture guide on using the kind of quick disconnect I have? the only guide I can find are for the more common quick disconnects used in TE sticks