Quick disconnect problem

I require some assistance for a frustrating problem. I’m currently trying to mod my stick with new buttons and the stick uses quick disconnects. It is SO hard for me to remove them. Currently I’m using pliers to grip the metal part (not the wire of course) and while other people around the forums claim that a little force will work I have to fuckin throw my whole body into it and I just broke a button trying to get a quick disconnect out (and it’s still not out). Am I doing it wrong? Please help.

What? Why dont you just cut the quick disconnect off, then replace it with a new one after you’ve stripped the wire down a little bit. If they’ve been clamped down properly you will really struggle to get them off.

Because I don’t have the proper tools to do that. And weren’t these made to come on and off? Nowhere have I read about cutting it off and replacing it with a new one (which I don’t have).

you use a flathead screwdriver and twist it off



awesome. Also I’m having trouble pushing the buttons all the way in if I’m pushing on the edges of the buttons. Is it ok if I push down really hard on the actual button to get it into the stick? It’s a sanwa obsf-30.


Ah sorry! I didn’t realise what you meant. I thought you were looking to remove a quick disconnect from a wire for some reason. Im a bit tired, excuse me :smile:

Can I ask what stick your putting the buttons into? It may be easier to help

Don’t push on the actual button, push the sides/edges because you might damage the button itself if you exert too much force on it.

I’m modifying a TE stick.

The thing is, no matter how hard I push on the sides it won’t sit flush with the surface. Any neat tricks?(beyond widening holes and methods with needed cutting, etc.)

Do you see a little thing there? ( I circled it) That’s what keeps it stable and unmoveable in the hole. So, what you have to do is push the side/edge in the direction of that little thing.

p.s. Sorry for not being clear cause I don’t know how to explain this properly :shake:

Ya I think I get what you’re saying so I push from the opposite side of that thing as I’m pushing down? Oh and I tried installing the obsf-30s in my SE stick and it is MUCH easier. Has anyone else heard of people having more trouble putting buttons into a TE over an SE because that seems to be the case with me.

I tried that…it works on some but some of them i still can’t get them off. Is there another way?


It’s really not that hard… if pliers don’t work, twisting a flat head screwdriver doesn’t work.

Then do both.

that happened to me and i was super 2009 mad so i gave it some time because my hands were all sweaty, watched houston get raped by lakers. then came back, did the flathead method and it came off. (just come back to it when you are pissed off)

hey try this tool on the far right, looks like it’s for removing nails or staples i don’t know what it’s called

i too was frustrated so I was looking for other tools in my box and finally found one and that did the job. I couldn’t get the last qdc wire off. the yellow one. I was like mother**cking sh*t how the hell am I suppose to do this. So I used that tool with the black handle to pry the wires off and it worked :clapdos:

yeah my yellow wires did that too. coincidence or yellow wire’s qd region weird