Quick disconnect question


Is there a way to make them easier to snap on a button? I’ve got a bunch of .110’s for my Seimitsu buttons, but they’re all stupidly hard to fit completely. I’ve gotten only one to fit, and all the rest are just kind of half-way there and ready to dislodge anytime.


start excersizing with hand grips?

that or loosen them with a small presicion screwdriver.


i had this problem with mine and i did exactly what rtdzign said. held em with a pair of needle-nose pliers and shoved a tiny flathead screwdriver into the slot and twisted to open it up. worked like a charm.

It sucks to have to do em to 16-20 pieces, but in the long run you’ll be much happier.


I actually used a piler to fit them completely since it was so hard to push them into to fit onto a button.


i usually test fit the qds on the buttons before i actually install the buttons. Alittle force never hurt anything.