Quick Disconnect Size


I need to order some online… Radioshack is a ripoff for these and I always seem to be needing them–so I am going to order a bunch.

Does anyone know offhand what size is needed for the Sanwa button terminals?


They’re .110 according to the FAQ. Happ use .187:

I’d get them from Lizard Lick if you can. They were .10 the last time I ordered versus .40 at the Rat Shack.


Thanks mang :slight_smile:


Anyone know where I’d get some of these quick disconnects in the UK? (Specifically Edinburgh) No one seems to know what I’m talking about! Are they called something else here?


I haven’t heard them referred to as anything else. Their fancy inventory name is “Female Crimp-On Quick Disconnects.” I imagine if I went to the store and asked for them in the US that the sales associates also wouldn’t have the slightest idea what I was talking about. They’ve asked me before what I do with them.


The shipping and wait you’d have to pay at LL would go well over what you get at RS,

These aren’t as cheap as LL, but ships faster and are cheaper than RS. Also if you have a Fry’s in your town(prob not though) then they sell them there for super cheap.


I have been ordering and using these in the UK - Mini female spade connector - and they fit sanwas perfectly.



Frys looks like a good place to get them online. Too bad the shipping cost is the same as the QDs. eBay should be another alternative since many sellers now offer free shipping.


try home depot, though they may not have .110" they will definitely have a lot of .187"


Huzzah, my dinky little town has one of those (no Fry’s :sad:). Do you know the costs on these and what quantity they come in? I’ll run by and check after work since I’m tired of getting these at RadioShack.


I got mine at a local electronics store for half the price of ebay/LL (and astronomically cheaper than RS).


sanwa .110
happ .187


I get mine at Walmart near the automotive section.


Awesome, thanks very much. Been searching all over the internet as to where these can be found in the UK. Saw these myself the other day and wondered if they’d fit, you’ve just confirmed it.




Also stick with 22-28 gauge. You don’t wanna have to keep going back and recrimping unnecessarily large disconnects. Typically, if the insulated jacket isn’t red, then avoid it.


I noticed these a while back, still awaiting my buttons and such until I order a pack though.


I’m in San Diego, and got mine from Willy’s Electronics for about $5 for a pack of 100. They have an online shop as well, but I’m not sure about shipping costs:


I just noticed that minimum order is $10, so you might want to include some wire.


Thanx for the link what kind of wire should I be getting for a mod?


That size seems kind of challenging to find. 16-22 or 18-22 are all over the place, but something that is designed to cover 24awg wire and the tool to crimp it seem hard to find. Any idea where to get them?


quick question regarding the QDs. Before i crimp the wire do i twist the exposed wire or do i stick it just how it is after i strip it?