Quick disconnect wires


where would i be able to buy a couple of quick disconnect wires for a mad catz se stick? the ones in particular that im looking for are the ones that connect the buttons. after my friend fixed my stick he took out the L1 and L2 wires. from the looks of itn you can just connect the wire into the board as you would the button. can any help? i would love to complete my set of buttons.


Paradise arcade shop


im there but no idea where to find it


i think i found it http://fgc.paradisearcadeshop.com/jamma-harnesses/1029-110-wire-rainbow-pack-wire-with-double-ended-qcd-s.html


Yes, but if he was your friend then he’d give you those cables back :slight_smile:


these may not be exactly what you’re looking for but these maybe something to consider if you have the money and really want a well cable managed interior.


I’m a dummy and don’t know much about wiring and crimping, but I’ve seen smarter people than me say they weren’t fans of those harnesses.


but those harnesses are not double ended.

These are

Not everyone comfortable with crimping wires.


I am aware. which I mentioned “maybe not what he is looking for”. Also, don’t forget about soldering, some people aren’t comfortable doing that either.
In that very link it has a vid on removing that quick disconnect board and soldering directly to the PCB.